Who Will Carry Heartsbane Into The Darkness? – Game of Thrones Season 7

The Valyrian steel sword hearts Bane which has been the ancestral Valyrian steel sword of house Tarly for over 500 years. The fate of this great sword back in season six Samwell Tarly was on his way to the Citadel in hopes of training to become the next maester.  But mostimportantly he was hoping, he could find something there that could help Jon Snow for when the time comes to fight the night king.  Sam stopped at his home in horn Hill and had a very unpleasant reunion with his fatherrandyll Tarly. Sam’s father did everything he could to embarrass Sam and he showed everyone the family sword and he said that it was in the family for over 500 years. He said the sword should be passed down to his firstborn son Samwell Tarly but he said Sam would never wield Hart’s Bain. After dinner in the middle of the night Sam decided he was going to take Gilly and the baby with him to Old Town.  Before he left he took hearts Mane off the mantle and has been with Sam ever since. Sam and his Valyrian steel sword when randyll Tarly came back for Season seven. There were a few clues in episode 5 that may lead to what Sam will do with hearts Bane while Sam was at the Citadel. They received a raven from Winterfell and they learned that Bran Stark saw the army of the dead heading for eastwatch-by-the-sea.

Sam tried to plead to all the maesters there that Bran was telling the truth, Sam even told the maester that he had seemed the dead for himself . Sam said they needed to get every maester there to search the entire library to look for things about the long night and maybe that could give them a chance to defeat the night King but the maesters didn’t take him very seriously.  Once again Sam decided he was going to leave in the middle of the night with Gilly and little Sam. Before they left Sam went into the library and he took all kinds of documents scrolls manuscripts books or whatever he thought could potentially be useful he loaded everything up in the carriage. He’s heading to Winterfell himself in hopes that he can be of some help for when the time comes. Sam still has hearts be in with him wrapped up like before so it’s not like this sword has been forgotten. Valyrian steel is going to end up in the north where the fight against the army of the dead will begin the Valyrian steel dagger has all of a sudden popped up in the north.  All these documents Sam stole from the Citadel’s library they have to be of some importance – even if he doesn’t know it yet.  Sam would discover the methods to making Valyrian steel and he could possibly have the secret to making it in one of these documents that he has with him. What type of sword Hart’s Bane is Hart’s Bane is?  A two-handed great sword which means it’s a very big sword. It’s not quite as wide as ice but it’s long so if Sam decided to break hearts bang down and make it into several weapons.

It’s a two-handed sword the only thing you would mean now is someone who could reforge it. At the same time Sam is heading to the north that’s right that’s our favorite blacksmith Gendry tearing and davos went to King’s Landing.  So Tyrion can meet with his brother Jaime but Davos went looking for gentry because he knew they were going to need a blacksmith now that they are mining all of this dragon glass.  There is no point of needing Hart’s Ban because John now has an entire mountain worth of dragonglass and that’s a very valid point you don’t need Valyrian steel as much now since there is all this dragon glass.  Why did they have seen him steal his father’s sword if he wasn’t going to put it to use in some way. They may have an endless amount of dragon glass but the Valyrian steel swords that have been introduced in a show are definitely going to be put to use one way or another during the Great War. Davos also said something interesting to Gendry that makes me think he will meet Sam and they may reforge hearts paid when Davos was bringing Gendry into the cave to meet John. Davos told Gendry to keep his mouth shut about who he was and then he told Gentry to tell John that he just came to pay his respects to the king. Then he was going to head off to work at the Winterfell forges to make weapons Gendry should be at Winterfell making weapons. He told John the truth and he ended up going on the mission beyond the wall with John but when Kendra gets back from that mission he is going to be heading to Winterfell next to make weapons like he agreed. He would do when Kendra gets to Winterfell this is where he is going to meet Samwell Tarly and I can’t say for sure what Sam will do with arts bane. Sam is going to be using that sword himself ,Sam has killed a white Walker before but it wasn’t like Sam went toe-to-toe with him. Sam got lucky and was able to stab him in the back fighting a white Walker face-to-face is a completely different story. Sam could end up wildung the sword just out of spite because Randall did say Sam would never wield hearts pain so maybe he does that just to prove to himself that he can.

The sword would be more beneficial if used in other ways some of you may or may not know this but when Kendra started out as a blacksmith back in season 1. He was actually working for a man named Tom on top amant actually knows how to reforge Valyrian steel. Which means he can take Valyrian steel when were forged it into different sizes and several different weapons very few people know how to do this but Gendry mentor had this skill. May be Gendry  have taught  this skill also or at least told him the method in which you can do it the long night is on the horizon and every man, woman and child in the north needs a weapon to fight the army of the Dead. Gendry will be heading there to make weapons Sam is heading there now he has a very large Valyrian steel sword.  It just makes sense that they will do something with hearts bane but let’s say Sam doesn’t have it reforged Jon Snow does have his own suicide squad now. They’re all really good swordsmen but John is the only one who has Valyrian steel being the kind of man. Maybe Sam giving his sword to someone else to use during the Great War.

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