Which Video Games/Books Would Work As TV Shows?

Character count: 4309 | Duration in seconds:345 | Characters per second: 12.49another good question that we got was what novel or book series would you like to see adapted into a TV show and I would also add to that what what video game do you think would work who as a TV show right because have you watched the expanse yeah I have it doesn’t it feel sort of like the Mass Effect TV show kind of um I mean without fake Jesus yeah present all I tell you what please be praise be to Shepherd um bro ship or century I plan attention yeah obviously who plays brochure um I tell you what regarding adaptations I think it’ll be I think I want to see more an adaptation of a video game or novel set in the world of mm-hmm rather than the story which the novel or be I don’t follow the character from the video game or the novel be in this world yeah in this in this setting yes you have for instance if you same aspect to make a really good series if you wouldn’t focus on Shepherd or and the drama or what-have-you um both be set in the world of right with their kind of racial tensions and kind of technology and threats that you have the question is do you assume that the audience is already familiar with the world because well you probably won’t be depends you have Castlevania for instance which I’ve been playing in do enjoy because kind of flushes out a good setting yeah or you have things you know Mike Marvel series right I didn’t know daredevil for hand right I didn’t read the comments or anything I really don’t show em because it kind of gives you the bearings really well so I think something will be saying the world of math effectively could be really good yeah also regarding a novel um if you Rin the roadside picnic now kind of a you know Russian sci-fi novel from years back which is like a half-life I write nine space what’s that in here on our um anything a I had movie adaptations had a video game adaptation as well which was really well received in the tech community and if you do something in this world with you know this goal not as bad I’m stalkers and all that it’s not the stalker video game Walker video okay that’s it I know that one oh yeah soccer was based on roadside picnic in a novel so if you have a serious based on that world yeah I think would be uh really well put up yeah um I mean I think the reason we probably won’t see any of these happen is just because uh I don’t know if the audience is is there mmm-hmm for example something that has the equal potential to suck or to be awesome of course is one of my biggest tandems is Warhammer 40k like one of its one of my favorite kind of world of fantasy and I never for example played the board game but you know the videogames the book and the book are a really good I guess test to what you can do with this woman I bred maybe five or six of the books in in one of the theories the horse heresy like the main to the horse heresy of course the forests the border of the Bojack horseman yeah so Jeff Horace heritage so and the characters of space marines basically they’re not very you know like three-dimensional characters i don’t have hobbies it sounds like purge the heretics praise the emperor yeah pretty much man but under specifically to authors graham McNeil and Dan absence or Evans Abbott one of those Dan yeah words I don’t that is just calm down we’re buddy so under these two authors they managed to make these like incredibly fleshed out characters very like super interesting stories they flesh out the world the politics everything and it has all the potential to have a story of movie a TV show happen in that world that doesn’t have to be you know massive space battles it can be a very intimate story of what it means to be one of untold billions in the 41st millennium but we’ll never see that intimate in space yeah I mean a personal story Amy a personal story of a space marine growing and purging heritage III can I wouldn’t any setting of a personal story I wouldn’t and more I wouldn’t do it from the perspective of a Space Marine I would do it from the perspective of either an Imperial Guard or like an Inquisitor or the Bureau garl a very short-lived life very short-lived series would you have a men among god that kind of thing um or you know the the the times and travels of like a chaos a mass service or or something dear diary yeh I found it everything [Music]

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