Valyrian steel: who has the swords that can defeat white walkers?

The big threat to Westeros in Game of Thrones season seven  others or White Walkers with their army of the Dead marching on the wall to bring a night that never ends. These guys are a problem because the walkers are not only super strong super angry ice demons but their swords can shatter steel. They seem immune to normal weapon, there are just two known ways to kill a walker one is with a blade of dragon glass and the other way is with a blade of Valyrian steel. Valyrian steel is a special kind of metal used to make sort that are sharper stronger and lighter than blades of regular steel. The steel was made in Valyria hundreds of years ago but when Valyria was destroyed in a mysterious doom, the secret of making Valyrian steel was lost. So the Valyrian blades that remain are really valuable. There are a couple of hundred of them in Westeros but only about 20 are mentioned. Most are the treasured heirlooms of noble houses handed from generation to generation through the centuries. Lots of these swords have great backstories and histories and some of them may play a role in the war with the walkers to come.

The Valyrian blades of Game of Thrones probably the most obvious poly-rayon sword is long claw.The sword used by Jon Snow long claw is a bastard sword, whichmeans it’s a bit longer than a normal long sword. It’s also pretty fitting given that Jon is a bastard or he’s believed to be a bastard but that’s another story. Long claw is given to Jon by Jorah Mormont whose family held the sword for hundreds of years. Sure originally gave long claw to his son Jorah but Jorah dishonored the family by selling slaves fleeing Westeros he leaves the sword behind though so Joe gives it to Jon. It would be interesting to see Joris reaction, if he ever sees John with his family’s sword but with its bastard blade.  White wolf pommel Longclaw is very symbolic of John’s ident it’ll no doubt play a big role in John’s fight against the White Walkers.  The sword might even tie into the prophecies about a hero called Azor Ahai is expected to lead the fight against the walkers with a flaming sword called  light bringer. That’s what Stannis and Melisandre try to emulate there are theories suggesting that John sword Longclaw might somehow become the true light bringer to be the fire. The light needed to face the darkness and cold another sword. That appears is hard Spain the Valyrian steel great sword of house Tarly randyll . Tarly makes a big deal of how he doesn’t want his fat cowardly son Sam to inherit the fabled blade hog Spain which is part of the reason why Randle forces Sam to join the Nights Watch.

Hutt Spain has a long history a few hundred years ago an outlaw from Dorne, called the vulture King was stopped . When meant led by a savage Sam tally hunted him down using hard Spain to slay dozens of Dornishmen. There’s a pretty good chance our Sam was named after this historical savage Sam. Sam visits home and takes hot Spain from Randle bringing it with him to the Citadel. That sort of Hogwarts II University of the maesters which could play out in some interesting ways. Maybe Sam and the Maesters could study hearts pain try to unlock the secrets of Valyrian steel. Maybe find more Valyrian blades but whatever happens at the Citadel Randall will want his sword back.

Another important sword is ice the Valyrian steel great sword of House Stark ice is really big apparently too big to use in battle. It’s more of a ceremonial sword Ned Stark uses it to execute garrett. Payne uses it to execute Ned so the Lannisters end up with ice and Tywin Lannister decides to melt ice down and reforge it into two smaller swords.  While no one knows how to make new Valyrian steel some skilled Smith’s can reforge it into new form in this case. Tywin hires the armorer turbo MOT who happens to be the teacher of Gendry.  Gendry knows a thing or two about Valyrian steel but yeah ice is melted down and forged into two smaller swords Tywin gives one to his son Jaime and the other to his grandson Joffrey Joffrey names his sword widow’s wail because he’s a nasty little shit. While Jamie does something more meaningful Jaime names his sword earth keeper and gives it to Brienne. Because  Jaime swears an oath to Catelyn Stark that in return for being set free Jaime would return to her Sansa and Arya. So Jamie gives Brienne Oathkeeper to uphold this earth on his behalf to defend Ned Stark’s daughter with Ned Stark’s own steel. The sword also represents the respect Jaime has for Brienne. He used to have nothing but contempt for her but now he gives her a sword fit for a hero Joffrey meanwhile uses his Valyria sword.  Who used widow’s wail next?  widowswail is now the only known Valyrian sword in the city of King’s Landing. It surely will come in handy sometime so those are the major Valyrian swords that appear in the story.

There are also some interesting historical ones perhaps the most famous Valyrian blade is black fire. Black fire was the sword of King Aegon Targaryen the Conqueror. Who first took over Westeros Aegon was a great warrior and used black fire in the battles that founded the Targaryen dynasty. Each king after Aegon bore his sword so a black fire became an important symbol of Targaryen political legitimacy. If you had the sword you were seen as the rightful king that’s why it was so shocking when King Aegon the fourth one of the worst Targaryen Kings gave black fire to one of his bastard sons Damon. Damon took black fire as his house name and later claimed to be the rightful king beginning a war for succession called the first Blackfyre rebellion. The great battle of this rebellion was at the red grass field where Damon used black fire in a duel against Gawain Corbray. Who had his own famous Valyrian blade called lady forlorn. It said they fought for near an hour and each time black fire and lady forlorn clashed you could hear the sound from leagues away half a song and half a scream, eventually Damon won the duel but then he was killed by arrows from his half-brother Bloodraven. Who by the way is the same guy who later becomes a tree guard and teaches Bran how to magic more on him later so Damon died on the red grass field. His black fire ancestors continued to rebel against the Targaryen for years and all of this began partly because Aegon the fourth gave the Conqueror sword to his bastard son. The sword represents being the rightful king but for the last hundred years or so no one seems to know where the sword is which could have implications for the schemes of Varys and Illyrio.

What happened to Blackfyre? and would tie present plots to the Past in a really cool. Black fire is important and Lady for lawn is also a thing after the jewel of the red grass field the sword returned to house Corbray.  Hundred years later Lyn Corbray used it in Robert’s rebellion killing Prinsloo and Martel of the Kingsguard. Lyn is now involved in the plots in the Vale working with Littlefinger but it’s no clear if he can be trusted Lynn’s a dangerous man violent and possibly a pedophile depending on how you interpret this line about boys. That’s what’s happening with lady for lawn.Historically there was also a sword called lady for lawn used in the Wars of the Andals in the Vale, that apparently  may have been a different lady for lon. If people keep naming swords after famous older swords which can confuse things.
Another important Targaryen sword is called dark sister. While Aegon the conquerer had black fire his sister Queen Visenya had dark sister slender blade designed for a female warrior. Visenya used the sword during Aegon’s conquest when she wasn’t roasting people with her dragon. Many years later dark sister went to Daemon Targaryen, the rogue Prince who used the sword during the dance of the Dragons. The big Targaryen Civil War during a mid-air dragon battle with his nephew Aymond won I Damon left from his dragon onto a monster. Aegon and drove dark sister through a Mons one cudahy before both men and the Dragons fell from the sky and died.  After daemon dark sister winter Aemon Targaryen the famous Dragon Knight said to be one of the greatest and noblest Knights that ever lived. He’s also the namesake of Maester Aemon Targaryen after the dragon knight dark sister went to a man called Brynden rivers or bloodraven.  Bloodraven , basically he was a king’s bastard a spy master sorcerer  hand of the king he killed daemon  Blackfyre at the red grass field had a relationship with shiera seastar who might possibly be queit then blood or even joined the Nights Watch became Lord Commander went north and finally became a tree wizard man. The guy who’s known in the show as the three-eyed Raven but the question here is what happened to the sword dark sister did Bloodraven bring it with him to the Nights Watch like Jorah Mormont did. If he did then where is the sword now? in the cave where Bloodraven trains Bran?  If so it seems possible that Brans friend Mira might take up the sword cause  it is designed for a woman’s hand.
Another lost Valyrian sword is bright raw house.  Lannister bought bright roar for a huge amount of gold before the doom of Valyria that a hundred years later after Valyria was destroyed King Tommen Lannister went on an expedition to plunder its ruins. He took bright role with him and never returned House Lannister lost one of its most valuable treasures which alway frustrated Tywin. When he led House Lannister so at one point Tywin’s younger brother Garyun went on a quest to find bright rule but he never returned.  Tywin God is Valyrian sword in the form of ice which he made into Oathkeeper and widows wail in the books by the way these swords are colored red. Tywin has the metal sort of died took a rippling Lannister crimson color because was all about house pride family legacy.

The next couple the swords are owned by Ironborn. There’s red rain and nightfall red rain is a Valyrian sword held by Dunstan drum the Lord of old wick. He whips it out a the Kingsmoot and recounts how his ancestor Hilmar drum the cunning famously took red rain from some night armed only with his wits and a cudgel.  Delton Greyjoy called the red kraken for all the blood he shed it said dalton loved three things the sea,women and his Valyrian sword.
Another Valyrian blade that’s had a big impact on the story is not another sword but a knife. An assassin tries to kill Bran Stark with a knife of Valyrian steel.  Catelyn takes the blade to King’s Landing and Littlefinger tells her the knife is Tyrians so Catelyn thinking the dwarf tried to kill her son arrests Tyrion which kicks off the war of the five kings.  The real culprit behind the cat’s paw is Joffrey.  Littlefinger lied about the knife in a deliberate attempt to cause war after betraying Ned Stark and profiting of the downfall of his family.  Littlefinger carries the Valyrian knife in later, shamelessly wearing a symbol of his lies and betrayal.  There are a few more Valyrian swords that were used in the dance of the dragons the Targaryen Civil War from a hundred years ago lamentation is a sword carried by a guy called Willem Royce. He got caught up in the storming of the dragon pit when rioting mob of common folks killed some chained up dragons. In all the violence and the chaos Willem Royce and his sword were lost. There was also a bald John Roxton and almond Hightower who bore the swords orphan maker and vigilance Roxton was killed and we haven’t heard from his family since but the high towers are still around so they might have vigilance at Old Town where Buren may be closing in there are few more Valyrian blades. That are only briefly mentioned in the text some soldier from lys had a Valyrian sword called truth the Celtic gods of chloral is said to have a Valyrian steel axe and a guy called cago has a Valyrian steel Iraq one of those curvy Dothraki psyche things. Which is apparently pretty rare in Valyrian steel the cago is a captain of the windblown mercenaries so he’ll be involved in a story ahead in slavers. Bay finally there are a bunch of Valyrian daggers among the treasure you’re on presents at the Kingsmoot it’s a little weird the way these are just offhandedly mentioned as though a bunch of Valyrian blades is like no big deal maybe Valyrian daggers are more common than the swords.

This is every Valyrian blade mentioned in all of Game of Thrones Longclaw and heart’s pain is öthe keeper and widow’s wail, black fire, dark sister ladies alone bright raw, red rain and nightfall. The swords of the dance Littlefinger’s dagger and this other miscellaneous stuff too. There are more swords out there of course about a hundred and eighty more apparently and Westeros might need them all to win the war against the walkers.

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