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Character count: 23959 | Duration in seconds:1729 | Characters per second: 13.86welcome bins rosters where we talk about the stories and characters we love and to show they live in my name is Ron I am joined today by the lovely how do we how do we do when we pronounce late and I’m not an easy name to pronounce those wrong it’s awful um I guess hi so welcome to the first one of I guess we haven’t named it but done we don’t have a name for it it’s the first one of these binge watcher co-hosting mega slick show binge talk ah we’re not super well prepared for this but we’re just gonna go to the flow yeah we’re again go along with this I think the best way to introduce you to the binge Watchers community is for you to tell us a little bit about my childhood your your favorite show well me Father oh um my favorite show your all-time favorite shows in favorite shows the thing is I I’m not really an avid binge watcher like it’s a Ollie all of you are we spoke about earlier I think the show that I enjoyed the most recently to say because I don’t remember what it was five years ago I was Bojack horseman which kind of made me really get the feel that every time the first season especially yeah second season I wash it we wash it me and wife and we enjoy this nuts as much as the first season and the third season we just didn’t bother cuz you know you haven’t watched it I get season four I’m pretty yeah yeah all three we watched the first episode and kind of lost it by them Cup in the first game you get this whole you know existential dreadful journey kind of thing of a horse I get that I get that sometimes with Rick and Morty where I’ll I’ll get through an episode and I have to remind myself it’s just a TV show because you know the concept of cosmic horror nothing actually matters your existence is meaningless like all of that and are like okay yeah that was kind of took me by surprise because initially I do wanna watch Ricky Morty I kind of like yeah you know everyone’s liking it so probably doesn’t have too much Mary Mary to it um but then wash it first episode wasn’t and the second and third Jeff’s really reeled you in and kind of hit in the face you know you have all others those of them you know messing things up in space and then suddenly you get hit with this again not another essential kind of feeling of what am I going to India I think yeah it’s pretty well summed up by the line from Rick when he said well what about the time line where Hitler cured cancer the answer is don’t think about it pretty much yeah it’s the other you’d like to it’s so hard to kind of think of a favorite show but for me it’s always like the top two are Doctor Who obviously and in sons of anarchy and Sons of Anarchy I would say have you watched it no sons of anarchy like if you compare it to a I don’t know a Breaking Bad or the wire like one of those the bigger shows I mean as objective as you can be it’s probably not as good like the writing is probably not as good character development is probably not as good even cinematography and all that and go for like unknown how much season does have seven seven few seasons too too long it went for two seasons too long it should have wrapped up a season 5 but with Sons of Anarchy I guess it had to do with the time in my life when we watch that show and I don’t know why but like I never had that type of connection to a character and everybody in that show is insane and the show doesn’t you know they’re like a motorcycle gang they basically just ride around and kill people but they’re also so I guess painfully cumin in such an exaggerated way they feel everything so so intensely there are certain periods in your life where student shows just fit right in right if you haven’t watched something before you do watch nothing for now so we’re watching Mad Men right I haven’t watched I haven’t seen before yeah um and it’s kind of old I guess yeah consider candle and I’m watching it and I don’t know something about it really really hook me really got me too you know Alex before that you know I know if I if it’s a thing of I relate to certain characters or spy certain characters or the the whole area there in no.19 you know the 60s New York advertising kind of thing but that’s what we’re really enjoying the thing that also that you know these periods of time in your life some shows just fit and they get and some shows on the contrary you won’t mm-hmm you lost something you kind of like do you feel that you have to relate to a character in order to really enjoy a show no I can’t really say that you know because the thing is um relating to character is uh there’s there’s also difference between relating and identifying yourself with because you can relate to certain aspects of a character let’s say because we’re going through certain emotions which you are going through in your life at that moment and the identification part is kind of you I feel I’m the same person as this person is and it doesn’t have to be you know based on gender or ethnicity or whatever but you can kind of give the skill or it feel the same thing even if you can’t really relate to every aspect of that character are the things which you identify with because it out man doctor same thing no right I feel the same way for me it’s often do I understand why this character did the thing that they did which is one of the I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole right now but it’s one of the many reasons I don’t enjoy the walking dead anymore uh but uh but in Sons of Anarchy you know as crazy as the show guest that’s little piece they all over there you all like you always understand he just went on a you know a killing spree or something you as we know we’re emotionally where that came from and then not go in Simkins free yeah and not do that yeah killed his people I was driving the other day someone cut in front of me I just went and killed like 15 people I mean sometimes you have to unwind yeah I know one of those mornings yeah so I mean the concept of relating to a character was always a little strange to me I guess because I mean I I think of my favorite shows I think of I think of Rick and Morty and Breaking Bad and there’s Morty breaking more G and and Sons of Anarchy and Doctor Who and these types of shows obviously I don’t relate to the homicidal motorcycle gang member or the time-traveling alien you don’t relate to who that character is but sometimes it’s more like what that character stands for or um I understand why they made a certain decision so what have you been watching this week oh this week we’ll just today I watched the first episode of Castlevania yeah which is awesome um why is it awesome in my opinion because not only because you know video games and that’s you know just because many again because video games there’s a reason for everything um but also because it goes you know Netflix has these kind of anime adaptations of things of blame and they have the a gym and I watched a gym agenda or no Knights of Cydonia the other one not blink blink suck big time yeah and if you name the movie sucked the movies not movie cuz the manga if you read it then you know what I’m talking about if you haven’t ready to go to it right now full weight so it was kind of I [Music] Quan key the kind of animation 3d like the blame movie the blade movie yes sorry wasn’t fleshed out super well went over awkward mode awkward it was awkward because you know half the frames and just put them out um and then you have Castlevania which goes to you know the hardcore MMA kind of style of animation and the thing which surprised me about it is that they go and netflix go to the wider audience because you have only well here we only option to have it dub the voice-over was in english yeah right you know if there’s like was it originally in Japanese or was it made in English I don’t know I really don’t know I think it was originally made in English because I thought it’s kind of cool if you know a revision color kind of present someone the voice actor and you talk about everyone’s going to be in it yeah and you don’t have a bit option to switch in Japanese no like okay let’s see how it goes so they go to a wider audience you know because usually people think of anime all the Japanese screaming and all dies don’t like it um and the thing is on the one hand they go to a wider audience on the other hand they really didn’t you know cut back on the gore and then you know the chemical monsters and there’s no tentacle monsters yes yeah oh they kind of goes full hardcore on Castlevania I know it’s partly the violence the violence demons the the gutting of peasants and the Castlevania is only it drops today and it’s only four episodes he gestured it’s like 25 minutes and what’s up with that right it’s like you had also another enemy which I admit to be watching at the moment um and the regrets those judgment uh which is a little witch academia okay okay oh my hero academia know something so I think having a hero academia and you have witch academia um you know it’s 2017 you can study whatever you want okay I’m sorry yeah all the witches out there I didn’t mean to offend you all the witches um we have lots of academia I look you know profession Selenia which also is like I think it started with the Kickstarter or something and any minute for a full series in Japan it was um you know they had full 26 episodes and in hearing you know I guess the Europe region yeah um they only have 13 so the kind of released half the show okay I’ll just to kind of see how people feel well it feels uh I think it’s queer because people won’t go through certain episodes and say you know I didn’t like it but is it just the first 13 episodes or is it yeah the first 13 I’m 26 um and you know you have to wing sex episodes out there yes out there somewhere yeah um you have to use the dark powers of the Internet to get some business rest of the episode um so what’s up with Castlevania I don’t know cuz you know Netflix says watch season one know right yeah because I’m gonna for episode but so have you watched all of it or no no just first episode I’m intrigued to see what else we have in store in there yeah besides you know the usual Castlevania fanservice with our blood good or yeah I mean I I played Lords of Darkness which is like the new Castlevania but I have to admit that I have never played like the original one I have enjoyed yeah watch streams um I’ve been watching Twin Peaks this week I’ve been watching two shows mainly one is Goliath which is an Amazon original alright it’s it stars build Bob Thornton a la de Laval and glide is really good it’s basically kind of like a courtroom drama type show and he the kind of a lawyer a big-time lawyer who sort of fell from grace then he’s not be taking on his old law firm so it’s the like single practitioner versus this massive massive law firm and it’s a really good show really solid show I haven’t finished it yet but I did finish the first season which is only eight episodes so 20 I mean I’m watching it because they recently made tween the return which is you know kind of like they did that for the x-files and now they’re going to get four Twin Peaks but I’ve never watched the original so I sort of started going through it and I know that there’s the David Lynch style of intentionally like cringy acting like it’s very ninety uh it’s a show from 1990 so a lot of very stiff 90s acting which I know is kind of like the David Lynch style so a lot of it is on purpose so the experience for me watching this first season which feels like like a part of the story doesn’t feel like a season of a show definitely I think I’m going to wait until Washington to which is 22 episodes I’m going to wait until I watch that to make my review on the channel but my experience of watching it was like extreme cringe at first or like guys with all online you know that’s episode 1 and then episode 2 you kind of moved from the no I loved it I absolutely loved it it’s so wonderfully weird but weird in the best possible way and just the character of Dale Cooper which I identify with his obsession with black coffee um energy sensitive subject very sensitive subject for me but uh but yeah I mean the the character of Dale Cooper is fantastic there’s definitely a lot of Fringe in there but at first you know when people told me yeah that’s David Lynch that’s you know part of his style was man I was like yeah I get that but intentionally bad things are often still bad um which is really not the case here it’s just that first impression that you get of it’s a little bit hard to watch in the first episode especially watching it now for the first time like I am um but but once once you get through I think the first 30 minutes the first episode is like an hour and a half so once you get through that first 30 minutes I totally got into it and yeah I absolutely love the the first season how do you feel about old shows or shows which supposedly ended some time ago and being renewed for season now you have those x-files 20 even a Heather with Samurai Jack yeah which was also me pronounced easy and I don’t know if it’s a trend like taking things people love before and making me more of it nowadays yeah go on you know on the emotional aspect we are realists and sequels but um do you think it’s a good direction it’s a good thing to do the usual spunk out um I mean I think it there’s there’s sometimes an emotional response of hey here’s that thing I like and it’s back now and obviously I’m gonna go like I really like x-file and and I felt that the new season suck like I really didn’t like it a lot of people liked it and that’s fine I personally really didn’t like it but um but obviously I watched it on that high of I really want to see you know Mulder and Scully kind of go up against like the alien shenanigans yeah I mean all that kind of stuff but I I think that it’s a dangerous direction because we should be encouraging new ideas and we should be encouraging original ideas and it’s the same thing with movies you see I mean it’s not it’s not a new thing to talk about it every movie that you see out there is either a reboot or a sequel it’s either a Transformers five or spider-man or the most yeah it was like the Jumanji reboot that they’re making and it’s a video game now every now and then you get like baby driver there’s that movie Colossus or colossal with Anne Hathaway which looks pretty cool or get out you see every now and then you get in original movie and either it does super well or it just finds and doesn’t make enough money and that’s because you know you vote with your money right if if they’re making season you know whatever 47 of x-files and you go watch it you’re signaling basically to the necklaces and HBO’s of the world that that’s what you want to see maybe that contributed to stuff like fence they being canceled anyway we’re not gonna get into the whole sensei thing right now well as I haven’t watched it yeah and we’ll let future us kind of tackle that one I do have a lot to say no offense I don’t know if you’re the breathe in yeah I don’t know if you’re the right person to uh to contain my rage about it because you haven’t watched the show which oh wait let’s let’s move on to some binge Watchers suggestions shall we um I’ll go I made a video asking for the wonderful binge Watchers communities to send us some suggestions and ideas and if you made it this far in in the video first of all thank you it wasn’t really purple good for you yeah you’ve made a good life decision today we want to make sure we want to keep this as much as possible a conversation between everybody of the the rest of the community and so if you have any questions that you want us to get you on these whatever these are binge stalkers binge stalkers if you want to have your questions featured on a binge stalkers call this number they’re displayed amenda in the comments yeah and so we actually had a bunch from last time and we don’t have time to really get to any of them we really need to thin it out and choose you know and an abundance of comments to pick it out from yeah so I picked I picked the best one that’s one ever yeah I think I think we can agree on this one and get into a very thoughtful discussion so best pet on TV the cat from Sabrina okay moving on no question about it so expectations and thoughts about upcoming shows specifically there are two shows that I want to talk about and one is the Punisher which i think is really interesting story about how the Punisher kind of came into being as a TV show and also either making a show about The Witcher I don’t know if it’ll be adapted from the original kind of folk story or from the video game but we can talk a little bit about that about the Punisher obviously Jon Bernthal was featured as the Punisher on season 2 of daredevil and that’s the only good thing to come out of that season and I don’t think this season was so bad as a whole the Elektra part wasn’t great it was great wasn’t good it’s bad real bad uh yeah I’m real bad you know I watch it a kind of arch to keep going with it and every time they know the Punisher came up with fists and everything of like how long it give me besides that it was a very dull and you know didn’t go anywhere yeah I mean um definitely Fisk is is possibly my favorite villain on a TV show in recent years and and the Punisher everything about him not not just because he’s like it’s awesome badass who you know up and all that but also because also it’s like 50% because of that and also but because of the incredible performance and he was such a well-written character that it felt like someone else wrote everything that had to do with the Punisher and you know then the rest of the show and my feeling was washing the second season is that you had the puncher story the main story on a story arc with him um and then get you know wounded arrested and for me it felt like okay season is over right like it was a resume story which ended there yeah I didn’t expect to see him in the remaining episodes for me and then there and then you kind of like drag is hooked into another story arc kind of climaxes with the scene where they’re at the like no real spoilers here but just where when they’re at the cemetery kind of talking it out just a wonderfully powerful scene so anyway the The Punisher was featured there it was received very well everybody loved the the Punisher in daredevil so much so that now he’s getting his own show from what I understand there were talks about giving the Punisher of his own show but it wasn’t supposed to fit into the whole the defenders think and now it’s actually coming out I think November or something so it’s coming out pretty soon and I I’m pretty sure it’s going to be amazing I can’t really contain my expectation for the show I can’t really say like oh yeah maybe no I’m fully expecting this to be the best like a Netflix Marvel and that’s the problem because we expect it to be really good because we had to tease something really really good I never expected Iron Fist to be good I never I didn’t like Jessica Jones right I quit 6 6 5 6 episodes in hila and I started I didn’t want to watch Luke Cage because nothing about it interested me and I watched the first episode of iron fist and I said okay they lost it right they have nowhere nowhere to go with Netflix original Marvel shows yeah um after I was really overwhelmed by the first first season of daredevil yeah I mean I I liked I there was some good things about some Cage I I generally like Jessica Jones um but the Punisher I as long as it’s a character study and it’s a show basically about all of the aspects of Frank Castle as a character as a human person solver and it’s not too much of an origin story I think it’s going to be great um but in any case is we’ll be better than what it could have been because originally the rights for the Punisher was I don’t remember if it was I think it was at ABC the the network ABC and it was supposed to be a procedural where you know like a 22 episode season where she solves crime because every show ever is drive with a 50 caliber machine gun so because you know how the plot of every show ever is this person is a thing and they help a detective surprise this person can toss her cats and she has the detectives all crying oh yeah I mean I went to whiskers so The Punisher almost became this person has like a giant skull on his t-shirt and to all the talk that I’m soft crying but I guess just killing everybody on like the pg-13 show yeah they died yeah I killed a dog they died off camera no yeah right and doesn’t crime going over soon but I better kill it yeah um and The Witcher well I’m very funny for everything video gaming related yeah right I don’t think it’s going to be a video game show though because I mean The Witcher I don’t know everything about it but it there’s a series of books and the guy who wrote the book was also involved in making the video game and he’s also involved in in making the show so I’m sure it’ll be some kind of comparison I think there’s definitely going to be a comparison since the video game series is wildly successful it’s the type of game that I played all of them I haven’t finished any of them is like 0.5% of Wild Hunt love wrap together you play the whole game yeah probably I mean no it’s really good and I really love the the feel of the game in the lore of the world and I’m sure there’s a lot to explore there but I think um unlike the Punisher which I feel is the has a lot going for it I feel that a show like The Witcher has kind of in fact against it because it has all the potential to be awesome – I need to talk to be awesome yeah but I mean only if they have like Game of Thrones budget yeah right yeah unless it’s like you know Xena the warrior friends at princess the History Channel has Vikings which is very successful and there’s obviously game firms on HBO and there’s black sails and there are a few shows a few big shows that were very successful like period pieces or fantasy show or any anywhere in between and Marco Polo is sort of historical fiction it was supposed to compete with those I think right and it didn’t really do well in the two seasons that that it have because it’s uh I mean I don’t know how to describe it really but it just the cleans up it kind of sucked it didn’t go far enough you try to have this large epic world that requires an event any budget snook yeah I mean I’m sure Netflix you know I’m sure they have money and I’m sure and I’m sure they have massive budgets I mean I you you can look up online how much they paid for like house of cards and uh and uh orange is the new black or you know any of the big shows and Marco Polo I think suffered because they tried to make it about the characters and they try to make it an interesting show about interesting characters and they kind of tried to get away with this big epic world and you know lots of stuff going on and it didn’t really work and I’m I kind of think that the same thing is going to happen with The Witcher all right so I’m not super psyched for it whereas The Punisher where they have Marvel behind it so they probably have like you know it’s just me money that’s behind that still doesn’t guarantee a quality yeah but I need it we already have a proof of concept or force of button you have a future for you kind of know what’s its effect yeah so bottom line is more did you watch yeah bottom line is I’m more excited for a Punisher than I am The Witcher well I guess we’ll we’ll kind of see the bottom line is this you have to watch all the things that never going ever so I’d like to thank you very much for talking about shows with me hopefully we will do this every day for the rest of our lives yes yes I can’t think of any better way to spend my time here on earth so I don’t really have a good sign off but I’ll just say that keep binging and you guys next time you [Music]

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