Thoughts About The 13th Doctor & Political Correctness

Character count: 8818 | Duration in seconds:563 | Characters per second: 15.66I’ve been 12 days where we talk about the stories and characters we love in the show they live in my name is Ron and let’s talk about Doctor Who’s them so now it’s been a few days and we’ve all had the chance to calm down and process the news that Jodie Whittaker has been cast as the thirteenth doctor and obviously everybody had a lot to say about this and while it’s a lot of fun and I’ve been doing this myself for the past week to say that this is just a show about a time-traveling alien and making fun of people getting very emotional about this and it’s fun saying that it doesn’t really matter the truth is it does matter it matters a lot Doctor Who is something that means a lot to a lot of people it means a lot to me for many of us it’s more than just a fun show about a time-traveling alien for some people it’s something they grew up with and for others it’s a universe that immerses you the doctor stands for something and for a lot of us that matters maybe that’s why for better or for worse this is a very passionate fandom while I don’t agree with the need to protect this thing like it was yours by being offended when people use the wrong word or saying that someone can’t be a fan because they haven’t watched the massive catalog of classic Doctor Who episodes I think that a fandom is something that you share and enjoy and everybody does that in their own way whether they watched one episode or all of them there are topics of discussion and fields of study where your opinion is more valuable if you’re more knowledgeable but this thing that were fans of it’s not one of them there are a few signs to the whole debate about the female doctors some people are happy because they think it signifies progress in the representation of women in entertainment some people welcome it as a refreshing change to a show they love some people are angry because they feel that the direction of this show that they love and have loved for many years is now being dictated by political correctness and a struggle for social justice and yes some people are angry simply because they’re sexist I think it’s important to remember as we talked about these things that if the world is a story we’re not telling it alone things don’t necessarily fit the narrative that makes the most sense for you if it is your opinion that the reason that the next doctor is a woman is that the BBC is pushing some liberal agenda and has cracks under the pressure of political correctness that doesn’t make that true it makes it a thing that you think you’re not writing the story alone that goes the other way as well if someone doesn’t like the idea of a female doctor don’t be quick to make them the villain it’s fine to not like stuff a casting of a character a direction a show is going in the people who disagree with you are not necessarily wrong especially if Doctor Who is really what we’re talking about here is that though of course it’s the only argument someone presents is an obviously sexist one anything that’s derived from the position that a woman simply can’t be the protagonist the hero the doctor because women are somehow less than men then yeah I can’t take that argument seriously I’ll just say that we won’t convince sexist and racist people to not be those things by making fun of them I’m not saying I’m above it I’m not I’m just acknowledging that while it’s fun it’s not productive my personal perspective is that I’m very excited about this new doctor for a number of reasons first Jodie Whittaker is a fantastic actress and while broadchurch is a very different type of show I think it’s really cool that I’ve already seen something I absolutely love from Whitaker working with Chris Chibnall the new showrunner so that alone has me very excited the whole concept of Time Lords were generating across genders and that gender is not really a thing for them that’s been established that’s Kenny so why they call Time Lord because it’s like a 50 year old show and like any science fiction stories are making it up as they go along so cut them some slack I don’t think anybody has a problem with Time Lords regenerating across gender not a lot of people who were angry about Missy but as Jason from seasons reviewed pointed out she did have the benefit of proving to us she’s awesome before we learned she was the master but the thing people are angry about is not whether technically a male Time Lord can become a woman it’s that the doctor is going to and don’t even bother typing that there’s no such thing as male or female Time Lords because they’re aliens you know you know what I mean you know what I’m talking about and I do think representation matters and the doctor is a wonderful opportunity for that I think that’s when people associate representation with whatever they think is wrong with political correctness or social justice there are a few things we need to explore first is any character who isn’t white straight and male just a pandering agenda because if it is it means that you see white straight and male as normal and anything else as not normal for example a lot of people were saying that Bill’s a companion in season 10 is just pandering to sjw’s because she’s black and she’s gay and because she mentions being black and gay but you know some people are black and some people are gay and some people are both now think of your world of references if you are for example a straight single woman and you talk about dating men no one’s going to say god you’re straight we get it but when bill talks about her world and her experience of life that’s kind of exactly what happened the second thing is when we say things like well then I want Wonder Woman to be cast as a man and Lara Croft to be cast as a man I understand that when people say things like that it’s mainly just lashing out at a change that they don’t like but there are things to consider here like could it be that your base assumption about how society treats men and women is false because it probably is beyond the more fun and nerdy discussion about why it doesn’t make the cast Wonder Woman as a man because the lure doesn’t support it just the same that it doesn’t make sense to me to cast James Bond as a woman the only way to do that would be to reboot the franchise and make it his daughter or something but it would just make more sense to just start a new franchise about a woman super spot like they didn’t do Jane wick they did atomic blonde and there already is a male lara croft it’s that guy from uncharted or did i just pissed off another fandom anyway sorry we almost had fun there for a minute so beyond the fact that it makes sense and Doctor Who is supported by the story and it’s fresh and exciting in my opinion at least do you really feel that this throws something off-balance do you really feel that we lost a male lead and now we need to get one back because if you do it means that you’re imagining the world as a much kinder place than it is because it means your base assumption is that there is equality in representation and in other things which there isn’t that is something that even if you don’t agree even if listening to me talk about this makes you angry it’s still true to wrap all this up I’m personally very excited about the new doctor I know a lot of people are and I know a lot of people aren’t it’s fine not to like this move from Doctor Who I just think it needs to be for the right reasons is it really just something about the show or is it politics is it sexism remember that just because we think something is a certain way it doesn’t mean that that’s true for both sides and like so DeFranco says being offended by something doesn’t make you write about it by the way one of the funniest things to come out of all of this is media people talking about Doctor Who when they don’t really know what it is so they keep saying there’s a female Doctor Who and I’m like isn’t it kind of like saying a female Star Trek instead of a female captain or a female binge Watchers anyway thank you for watching I’m looking forward to a productive and civil discussion in the comments for those of you who are are new around here I don’t usually make videos like this it’s mostly just reviews and discussions about strictly the TV shows themselves if you like this video please give it a thumbs up it really helps pop a lot and you can find me on TV time and Twitter and Instagram you can find the links in the description you can also join the discord server we have where we chat about TV and it’s a lot of fun and if you’re finding been to outsource for the first time welcome I’d like to invite you to join the Bentwaters community come talk about the view with us it’s a lot of fun subscribe to the channel but in any case keep binging and I will see you next [Music]

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