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Character count: 8978 | Duration in seconds:579 | Characters per second: 15.51something feels weird this time I don’t know maybe it’s because I’m sitting in a new chair anyway welcome to binge Watchers where we talk about the stories and characters we love in the show they’ll even my name is Ron and let’s talk about season four of the hundred watching this show is like watching a child grow up season four of the hundred is almost an entirely different show from season one season one very much felt like a teen drama in an interesting setting but the characters even though they’re all played by like 30 year old actors were kids so it was like Lord of the Flies life if everyone’s a supermodel season two and three did a pretty good job at expanding this world introducing us to the grounders mount weather the politics of the grounder clans their traditions this entire civilization that evolved on earth while the people on the ark thought that they were the last of humans are still one issue though and I get that this has no effect on the story whatsoever but why do they assume that they’re the last people on earth I mean they know human history they know that people in Europe or the old world thought that they were alone in the world until they discovered that oh shit there are actually people fucking everywhere let’s make everybody our bitch so wouldn’t there be more people who survived in other parts of the world or even in other parts of the United States all of this doesn’t matter because even if there are other people in the world obviously the people in the hundreds can’t rely on that they have to work with what they have it’s just the type of thing I think about while watching this show anyway this is a season four video so you’ve probably already made up your mind about this show if you’re just looking for a should you wash it then sure it’s a solid season and if you like the other ones you’re probably going to like this one now spoilers ahead season four is the closest this show ever got to Breaking Away fully from its teen drama origin Clarke and Octavia still holds the show back a little bit but this show has and this is a very exciting season the theme of the hundred for the past few seasons is impossible choices how far are you willing to go to save your people and how many times are you able to include the phrase my people or our people in a single conversation this season is no different the challenge this time around is that at the end of season 3 when Clarke shut down alie she learns that another catastrophic extinction level event is coming and it’s going to wipe out what’s ever left of the human race so the whole season this time around is about trying to figure out how to survive this and how to manage the different plans as they’re trying to figure this out the stakes do feel very high almost every episode has the characters dealing with immense grief and guilt over things that they’ve done in the past or people they’ve lost all they are at this point is the attempt to save what’s left and they’re often blinded by it to the point that they don’t really recognize themselves anymore the adult characters jaha Abby and especially Kane continue to be in my opinion the best part of the show there are plenty of other interesting characters Bellamy and the journey he went on from season one Murphy is one of my favorite characters Monty and the whole Jasper death calls all that think is heartbreaking but I’m not sure why Kane is the character that hits me hardest he’s the one I feel for the most what I liked about the season is that these choices they have to make the same things that happen in every season of the hundred do we kill a bunch of people to save another bunch of people type thing but in this season and maybe it’s because I’m already so invested in the story at this point it just feels more like these really are the last possible options and they absolutely have to choose and these choices will affect the future of everybody 100 also gets more Grimm from season to season not in the sense that comes more violent but in the topic of discussion in the semen for example Jasper’s whole arts this season is about him accepting death and looking forward to it not because he wants to die but because he wants to live and not just survive so he chooses to spend his final days being as happy as he can and even when there’s hope of a solution he doesn’t want to hear it because he already made up his mind that’s a very human thing once you’ve made a big decision you will justify it and it’s very hard to turn back and I kind of loved that he follows it through all the way to the end the most science fictiony part of the show is everything that has to do with Raven she still has some of Ali’s code in her brain so she’s super Raven but it’s also killing her not that she wasn’t the most useful character in the show before then why isn’t Raven just you know running the show I kind of thought I was going to hate Ravens whole story in the lab but I like that they’re working on these solutions and trying to figure it out and some of them just don’t work they just don’t they go terribly terribly wrong and there’s nothing anybody can do about it the only thing they can do is just move on I like that most of the time there’s no magical solution there sometimes is and there are plenty of things in this show that I can nitpick and things that don’t make sense or things that just happen because they’re convenient for the story but none of this broke the show or bothered me in any way or kept me from enjoying the weaker part of this show has always been the action sees there’s a lot of potential for really cool fight scenes this season the Conclave is pretty awesome even though it’s basically the show reminding us that it’s a post-apocalyptic why a novel but all of those fight scenes are so heavily edited so many cuts and shaky-cam that it feels like one of those Liam Neeson action movies you can’t actually see what’s happening the fight scene ends and you’re like I think that was cool I think they did a cool thing I I really couldn’t tell but that isn’t the focus of the season so it’s not too much finished Octavia has an interesting art in this season but I just can’t take that character seriously at all she is the kid’s fantasy character she is the young adult Hunger Games divergent character she was a scared little girl and now she’s this brooding dark badass warrior and that’s really cool she just doesn’t pull it off so it feels like the other characters and stories have moved on to a more mature show but a pay vias whole thing is in like the season one version of the show Clark who was my least favorite part of season three because I felt that the show has grown past the overacting and the extreme drama she’s a lot better in this season she’s more interesting she’s more human she struggles with the fact that there are never good choices and that maybe she isn’t really fighting for everything and for everybody and for the human race maybe she’s just like everybody else willing to fuck people over just to protect herself and the people closest to her that’s an interesting journey I didn’t like the fact that she survives though the selfless act of sacrificing herself for her friends who went to space would have been a beautiful end to her character I didn’t think they were going to go through that though and they didn’t and that kind of sucks the season ends with her somehow surviving the nice blood must have worked there’s another younger nightblood with her it’s like six years after the bunker in space and she sees a prisoner transport touching down who could it be more humans that were also in space and we didn’t know about them humans who have colonized another planet and want to use earth as a prison if it’s aliens who speak English and are also CW supermodels my only problem with season four is that it felt a bit like more of the same like more of season three and if the story is now going to be Clark and friends versus these prisoners it might really be more of the same but we’ll see bottom line bottom line has just spent like hours talking spoilers so either you watched it or you just don’t care anyway I’ll be watching season 5 when it comes around but I hope it’ll be the last season I hope the story gets wrapped up it probably won’t though unless the show becomes too expensive to make the CW doesn’t really cancel shows that do well like ever Supernatural is like on season 94 or something that’s all I got to do this time if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up it really helped out a lot and you can find me on Twitter and Instagram and TV time or you can join our discord server where we chat about TV and it’s a lot of fun and if you’re finding binge Watchers for the first time welcome I’d like to invite you to join the binge Watchers community come talk about your view with us it’s a lot of fun subscribe to the channel but in any case keep binging and I will see you [Music]

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