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Character count: 6902 | Duration in seconds:447 | Characters per second: 15.44binge Watchers where we talk about the stories and characters we love in the shows they live in my name is Ron and let’s talk about season one of the Netflix original Ozark this one took me a while I know okay so I moved again we’re in a new place now but now we can get back to you know what’s important in life Ozark tells the story of the bird family marty bird has been laundering money for a drug cartel for quite some time now and has made a lot of money in the process but eventually something goes wrong because of course it does the guy from the cartel gets pissed people start dying and marty and his family have to move out of their home in Chicago to the O’s art at this point they’re not really running from the cartel marty has to prove his usefulness to them and he also has to launder a whole bunch of money in the process they also gets mixed up with some local threats and things obviously don’t go smooth Ozark is a family crime drama it’s a crime drama about how this family deals with an incredibly difficult situation it focuses on the how the thing that Marty and Wendy and the kids have to do in order to navigate this situation and the unfolding of events but the show also takes the time to show us the strain it puts on their relationship what it does to the kids and what it does to whatever’s left of Marty and Wendy’s married there isn’t really a plot point or character or any one individual thing in Ozarks that you haven’t seen before Ozark is like this beautiful amalgamation of crime drama things I do think that sometimes they lean a little too much into these concepts and tropes but all in all even if Ozark does things that other stories have done before it still does them very well I heard some criticism but our grips off Breaking Bad but I really don’t agree with that there is a drug lords there is a white guy who works in a normal job that has to do some messed up things but these are the types of similarities that you can make between any two shows of similar genres to make them sound exactly the same I felt like oh sorry heavily from crime drama tropes a lot of them and sometimes too much but I didn’t feel it was ripping off anything blatantly my favorite thing about this show was the story I thought it was strong and coherent and even when it gets more complicated it’s always focused it’s always clear that all parts of the story are connected most of the characters are pretty great as well we get a lot of insight into Marty’s character specifically we get to know him pretty well the appearances he keeps and the small moments in which he breaks down my least favorite characters in this show are the villains not to say that they were good they were actually pretty great but they were definitely the most generic part of the show the old entire trope of a bad guy telling the story that tells you a little bit about the character while also threatening the protagonist like the hero walks in and the villain is like chopping wood or sharpening the blade or something and he’s like my father was a mean drunk she’d always get this look in his eye and whenever I saw it I knew that whatever whatever whatever main takeaway get me my money or I’m gonna you up the show does this very well the bad guys are menacing but they do this pretty much in every scene they’re in and I feel that this is one Pro they could have stayed away from so ozark to me felt like a very strong story supported by characters who mostly make a lot of sense and have pretty complicated relationships with one another with familiar crime drama concepts kind of sprinkled on top I really enjoyed this show kind of like Goliath it’s an example of a concept that you’ve seen before just done very well something else I appreciate it is that this season is not just a setup for another season season one of a show is often just something that puts all the pieces in place for the real story but it doesn’t feel like that here there’s just a necessary amount of setup in the last episode but the season as a whole builds a strong and interesting story even if this doesn’t get picked up for season 2 which I’m pretty sure it’s well still glad I watched it Ozark is very good at telling you a few stories all at once and showing us how those stories connect there’s a story about a local family something about an FBI agent the whole drug thing Marty and Wendy’s marriage as well as a few other interesting side characters but all of it connects there weren’t a lot of things where I felt were you know out of place or just didn’t make sense I do have one spoilery thing I want to say about this but I’m gonna say that at the very end of the video so bottom line should you watch it if you enjoy crime dramas and the story about this family getting mixed up with a cartel sounds interesting to you then yes I think you’ll like this show I actually think you’ll like it a lot while it’s not groundbreaking I wouldn’t call this show unique I think it’s very good at what it does it has a very talented cast it looks absolutely beautiful it tells a compelling story about interesting characters in a very difficult situation it does rely a bit too much on things you’ve seen before but when it does those things they do it very well like I said earlier it’s like they took elements from other similar stories and stuck them all together to create a very solid product I feel season two can go a number of different ways I am very much looking forward to it but for me with most shows I have to get to a place where I feel that ok I am now a fan of this show I am invested and then from that point onward if a character dies or something I no longer see it as a decision of the writers to do something and do I like that they did that or maybe I don’t like it no I can just be shocked or you know have the emotion about the character dying so I’m not quite there with ozark but I’m close what about you have you watched Ozark what were your thoughts about it and what’s your favorite crime drama and now for the spoiler II sing I wanted to say and it’s a pretty minor thing and it’s not even going to make sense to you if you haven’t watched the show ready that baby is dead as or at least brain damaged forever there’s no way a baby that was born like yesterday survived that I think if you’re going to be talking about spoilers please use spoiler tags in your comments and if you like this video please give it a thumbs up it really helps out a lot and you can find me on Twitter and Instagram and TV times there are links below you can also join our discord server where we chat about TV and it’s a lot of fun but if you’re finding binge Watchers for the first time welcome I’d like to invite you to join the binge Watchers community come talk about TV with us it’s a lot of fun subscribe to the channel but in any case keep binging and I will see you in the other [Music]

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