Is There More To Dragonglass Than We Thought?

Ever since season seven began, there has been one recurring detail more significant than all the rest. Dragonglass only halfway into the season and the need for obsidian has never been greater now. “Dragonglass kills white walkers is more valuable to us now then gold, we need to find it we need to mine it we need to make weapons from it “- Jon Snow.  Davos just arrived at Dragonstone in hopes to mine a bunch for the Great War. A few seasons back when Stannis Baratheon visited the Nights Watch, he spoke of the vast amounts of dragon glass on the island of Dragonstone.

Samwell Tarly had used a piece to kill a white Walker.  The material was important.  The Valyrian steel and dragon glass both materials can kill White Walkers and Valyrian steel comes from Valyria, the biggest fastest-growing colonised group in the known world. Before was devastated by the volcanic explosion known as the dew.  The secret to Valyrian steel was lost and up until recently it was unmatched as the most unique weapon material. However Valerians weren’t just known for their weapons. Their architecture including their roads and tall monuments were made out of black stone. That was considered far more superior than anything in comparison even by today’s standards when we catch up with Sam and Gilly going through some old books in the Citadel.

Sam comes to a page where it says in old Valyria dragon glass was referred to as frozen fire.  There is to know about dragon glass or Valyrian steel or Valyrians in general. The thousands of years the Valyrians were the best in the world is almost everything then and then they once there’s obviously a clear connection between Valyrian and dragonglass. Just as they do with Valyrian steel one thing that seems noteworthy is the fact that dragon glass not only kills White Walkers it creates them to benjin was saved by the children of the forest. They successfully stopped his transformation by using dragon glass so if this one material can not only cause chaos but also save lives what could it mean to a person who has Valyrian blood in their veins.

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