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Character count: 4990 | Duration in seconds:333 | Characters per second: 14.98binge watches where we talk about the stories and characters we love in the show they live in my name is Ron and let’s talk about season 1 of the Amazon original Goliath Goliath follows the story of Billy McBride Billy was once a big-shot lawyer a named partner at a massive law firm in LA but he’s sort of fallen from grace now he lives at a motel spends his days at a bar his wife left him you get the picture the story starts when billy gets the opportunity to go up against his old law firm the case has to do with the alleged suicide of Ryan Larsen Ryan was at sea and the boat that she was on exploded the boat was owned by borns tech this huge weapons manufacturer and the case has to deal with the questions of did Ryan kill himself did borns tech have anything to do with his death what was he doing out there in the first place Billy represents the family of Ryan Larson and his old law firm represents borns tech the eight episodes of the season follow the case from its inception all the way to resolution with Billy being pretty much the center of it all the show does a really good job at giving us insight into Billy’s life and the personal stories of a limited number of other characters without taking anything away from the main story about the case this is one of those shows that proved that you don’t need a groundbreaking idea to tell a compelling story and tell it well the story here is this lawyer goes up against other lawyers there are a ton of shows with the exact same premise but most of them are not as good as Goliath so Billy Bob Thornton is really great in this show every single cast member is actually fantastic performances all around and great great pacing the show doesn’t take too long making any one point it doesn’t feel like the story moves too fast it feels like eight episodes was the exact amount of time required to tell this story the case is interesting because it’s really two cases it’s the Larsen family against Bourne tech but it’s also Billy McBride against old partner Donald Cooperman again not a new concept but just done so well in this show Cooperman is almost a classic villain he’s disfigured he’s an egomaniac he literally spends his time sitting in the dark it’s pretty amazing how this show pulls this off it’s like this character is Dracula not the boss at a law firm but William Hurt does such a good job and his character is so well written and directed that you buy it you buy that the experiences Donald Cooperman had in his life have made him this way there’s also a great supporting cast Kaddi was probably my favorite character but really there isn’t a character that you feel shouldn’t be there everybody serves a purpose and Goliath is a very straightforward show it doesn’t try to get fancy with the storytelling and the premise is simple none of that means that the show is not engaging it’s a really solid drama done very well Billy I thought was a pretty fascinating character he’s not really an antihero and he’s not really a good guy either he’s somewhere in between at first he’s not even interested in the case and then at some point he gets to a place where he’s just doing it because he’s already doing it he wants to go up against Donald he sort of wants to help out the family but mostly he came this far so he’ll see it through which feels very human very real he doesn’t really feel like a TV character most of the time he often says or does the wrong thing and even when something key or any other character on the show does doesn’t really have a clear reason it still makes then it still feels like something a person would do or specifically that character would do and that’s pretty much it it’s a solid legal thriller that gives you basically everything you want from this type of show so bottom line should you watch it yes I definitely recommend this show I love a good drama I love good character development and I love a show that doesn’t take longer than showed to tell the story Goliath has all these things and more if you like legal thrillers you’ll probably love this but even if you just like straightforward down-to-earth dramas I’m sure you’ll enjoy this so two questions first have you watched this show and what were your thoughts about it second what’s your favorite courtroom drama type show and why that was really for questions I would be a great lawyer if you’re going to be talking about spoilers please use spoiler tags in your comments if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up it really helps out a lot and you can find me on Twitter and Instagram and TV time you can also join the binge Watchers discord server where we chat about TV and stuff and it’s a lot of fun you can find a link in the description but if you’re finding binge Watchers for the first time welcome I’d like to invite you to join the binge Watchers community come talk about to be with us it’s a lot of fun 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