Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5

There were so many bombs atomic bombs dropped in this episode. The episode Daenerys sentencing, Randyll tarly and Dickon to death so you have to feel bad for Dickon but now you Understand why they had so many of those Jaime jokes? They want you to remember who he is? and why he’s important.  Maybe he’s the one that saved Jaime that probably would have made people sympathize with them more. But that wound up being broad You can’t die until I get what’s owed me only I can kill you but I really  Where she walks into the bottom of the frame just towers over? How much power she has if the giant dragon behind her. Didn’t do the trick so many great tyrion moments here? They’re laying little bombs for each of the storyline, like littlefinger left a little bomb for Arya to find. This is the writers Dropping a Tyrion, Daenerys bomb like -“she won’t be the mad queen as long as she has someone really good to counsel her “. There were a couple chuckles to be had with the way that Drogon screamed making everyone immediately, Bend the knee, but you have to know that Randyll Rarly is a proud man. And I love the way he went out like a boss he lets Daenerys know exactly what he thinks of her . He was a great battle commander but it’s almost like they wanted there to be no out for that situation like he was never going to do what Daenerys wanted so She would have seemed weak had she not burned them alive.

The end of the episode Samwell still doesn’t know that, the maester say that they never told them and Samwell never acknowledges.  It is there riding away from the citadel. At Winter Fell, we finally see that scene from the trailer where Brand wars all the ravens – find out where the army of the dead is in. The night king looks like he’s able to break Brand’s control them. They’re relatively evenly matched in terms of power levels. So it’ll be interesting to see if they have some sort of psychic battle before the end of the season. Because they’re mostly concerned with Physical Battles right now especially with Jon Snow’s party that just made it north of the wall. Earlier in the season where the maesters are meant to be this really learned, but very stuffy old stuck in their ways Organization  a lot of people have conspiracies about their plot to get rid of magic in the world. But that all just seems like way too much story for the show to actually handle. This is mostly just about Samwell being really upset .They’re not actually going to do something about this. But if you caught it there was some really quick references from some of the other maesters where they’re talking about the drowned God in other prophecies things to mind. What is Lucis the Charlatan is able to descend from the shadows of the photos? They forget the profit models he promised that the drowned. God would rise up and destroy it on the conqueror. They referenced Jenny of old stones claiming to be Descended from the children of the forest in the books. She was married to a prince Duncan Targaryen. She got a prophecy from a witch in the woods that was another version of the prince who was promised.  It’s like them saying the maesters got a version of the prophecy of the prince who was promised. It was kind of true in a previous time but they didn’t listen.The cycle perpetuated so that might have something to do with them breaking the wheel. This time Breaking the cycle of ice and fire, but they really just want you to hate these old masters. You got it a long time ago you didn’t believe then meaning that we have to deal with it again today. But it’s another way for them to continue to invoke the idea of the prophecy of the prince who was promised Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen.

Their ways Daenerys seems very stuck in the way that she’s going to deal with people. So you see Tyrion just sitting there , she didn’t have any other choice like he’s trying to rationalize it and it said burning people alive.  One is the way they’re trying to hype up Arya versus Sansa  misdirect totally not going anywhere .And the other is Daenerys mad queen also don’t think that that’s actually going to lead to anything. A whole lot going on within each of these camps outside of the main plot.  There’s nothing happening at Winterfell besides Brand having visions of the night King like right? Now daenerys is just sitting around waiting for John Snow to get back with the white. They went to get for Cersei so that everybody would come together during the armistice.  Smuggler as Always Davos Smuggles Tyrion into King’s landing. These were probably some of the best scenes in the episode in all of season 7 so far. Just because they’re big payoffs, but Tyrians line where he’s like  -“last time I was here I killed my father with a crossbow”, and then finally Davos remembers his son mattos. He hasn’t mentioned him this whole time last time I was here you killed my son with wildfire.Big mythology payoff for Jon snow meeting Drogon. But it’s a big character payoff for Tyrion and Jaime together ,the dialogue was better the pathos. But before Davos can even get a word in Edgewise Kendrys like bam. I’m ready to go oh no I don’t have a sword I have something even better and we so – I Entrust like Roberts so this isn’t exactly like Roberts But it’s made to look as close as possible like, it’s meant to invoke that imagery especially once he meets up with John snow. The whole scene with Davos trying to convince the gold cloaks to go away was great But I love the way the Tyrian comes slowly walking down And it’s just a way for them to show you. How Gendry can move with the warhammer like he just brains them on the spot. So that’s why when they get to the John Snow meeting.

Cercei  knew about the meeting the whole time and let it happen – “Don’t you ever betray me again” in reveals another big plot bomb dropped that she’s pregnant with another child with Jamie. He seems genuinely happy, but now you’re like.He’s not going anywhere I think it’s another reason for him to not leave. It is actually wise up happening in the books because by this time in the story Jamie has long since left Circe’s company. The whole purpose of this baby is just to blow up by the end of the season and make Cersei go even crazier. Like it seems she wants to meet with Daenerys. She’s all about the armistice. There’s hope that they can come together to fight the army of the dead.  Even if Daenerys had nothing to do with then she would just go off the rails. It’s just something that’s ready to blow up in everyone’s faces like the gilly bomb. That was dropped so number four Davos introduces Gendry to John Snow. ” I met your father”, he’s talking about the time when Ned Stark came looking into John Aaron’s business to find out about Robert’s bastards.”  They acknowledge the great things that they did together during Robert’s rebellion. Gendry just seems really pumped up about going to fight the army Of the dead. He’s like I can’t sit this war out I have to do something about this it almost feels like a little bit of band service because there’s been so many times that they’ve Referenced moments from Robert’s Rebellion or big things like they keep talking about Rhaegar keep hinting it r + L equals J. They keep referencing Aegon the conquerer. So this is just one of those big payoff moments like what was it like when Ned stark and Robert Baratheon  fought together as young men during the war. We’ll get to see a version of that in the next episode.

Tyrion scene with Jorah, where he gives him the coin that was from back in season 5. that was a long time ago.  The big Ghillie bomb so number three gillies a Human Wiki four facts and just starts reading up things  -“how many windows in the great sept or there none now?” . There’s this meister. He recorded everything it turns out. He recorded this uh no meant between someone called either. Samwell didn’t even sound like he was listening to Gilly. When she said that so Gilly might be the one to blurt that out?  John Snow meeting drogon for the first time obviously you see that moment recognition in Drogon like, he sniffs him. He can sense that he’s a Targaryen is a really convenient way to show you how they’re acknowledging John snows lineage and sets up future connections with the dragons. John Snow will ride a dragon before season 8 is over? Snow’s heritage to inform why it’s important that he will be connected to Daenerys, so that they can fight the war for the dawn.  Jon snow riding a dragon feels like one of the biggest things the show could do, they’re definitely going to save that for the final season in What dragon would he ride? What about the one that’s named after his father

Big Arya bomb Littlefinger proves that he’s not completely incompetent, He uses Arya skills against her to try and create some more Chaos inside Winterfell. Maybe to stall for time. You wonder what his game is he wants Sansa? So that he can get to the iron throne, she needs control of winterfell. If Arya is fighting with her  maybe that would just keeps once busy for the time.  Maybe that’s his only endgame at this point because he still needs Sansa So he doesn’t want Arya to kill her. But the way, they’re playing it up in that promo for the next episode makes it sound like Arya definitely wants to kill Sansa.  What if they’ll both turn against littlefinger quickly after that once they find out what he’s been doing .He even add to that that she was forged to write that letter during season 1 by Cersei in everyone else.  She probably doesn’t even remember until Arya confronts her with it. John Snow arrives at East watch, and you have all these amazing reunions.  The episode where they turn up tormentor is hilarious.  Gendry recognized the brotherhood tormund remembers Joris father. He was chasing us down so they just want to show you that everybody has a reason to hate each other. But then they come to their senses the gate opens and they walk into the wall of Whiteness so metaphorically into the mouth of madness it’s going to be fun. So obviously big action episode next week .

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