Game of Thrones: Jaime Lannister

Season seven episode four spoils of war left us with the eerie image of Jaime Lannister. Looking like he’s about to drown weighed down by the Lions of his Lannister family Armour.  Whether he could really be dead or alive? The cliffhanger leads us to look back at Jaime’s character development over these seven seasons to see who he’s become.  If the show could really be done with him just yet Jaime Lannister is among the most popular characters in Game of Thrones.

His completely unsympathetic introduction thanks read Ruffolo and the countless questionable deeds he goes on to commit with into season. He’s committed incest attempted child murder and cousin killing kind of kidding that doesn’t have its own word yet from the third season on.  Jaime’s character takes a turn, he appears to be redeeming himself behaving like an honorable man. Has he truly changed is his goodness for good or just a flirtation with another version of himself. That can’t really laughs if that
A crucial turning point for his character arrives with the sudden loss of his sword hand. Permanently stunting his ability to fight and challenging his identity as a warrior. The wounded Jaime mine is a key piece of himself gradually appears to become more of a man. How many lies you say unfamiliar the real birth of the new genie comes through his relationship with Brienne.We witnessed the first sign of human Jeremy when he talks the Bolton men out of raping Brienne seemingly out of basic decency honour on this march. Her basic decency is significant for Jaime as so far he’s been happy to commit egregious acts for even limited expediency or self gain. Then goes on to reveal but grudgingly that he’s had a sympathies. As he all along that he stabbed the man came in the back to save King Brandon from destruction out of noble concerns for innocent lives. Rather than as an act of dishonor, he starts showing Redemption through action when he puts himself in harm’s way to save Lian from the bear pit. After this point the two sides of Jamie the Lannister and the human are embodied. In his two most significant relationships his love affair was thirsty and his friendship with Brienne.  Cersei the Lannister in him is beautiful self-serving superior and ruthless allowing no room for human weakness significantly. When Cersei -first sees Jamie without his hand she rejects him as less than the former Jaime. She knew everything’s changed  – “you come back after all this hundred mil apologies in one hand”. Expect everything to be the same like Brienne the human. Jaime is dedicated and chivalrous for a woman you will exist doesn’t do it invented I was a woman and make them kill me I’m not good following the death of Joffrey Jaime forces himself on thirsty and a disturbing theme.

The developing humanity we’ve been seeing although it’s clear at least that his uglier inhuman side comes out around her yet while.  The siblings resumed their affair after this the other human Jaime continues to act against Thursday as well he personally arranges for Tyrian’s escape an extreme betrayal of his sister in favor of humanity or doing the right thing yet the human. Jaime with this reawakened emotional sensitivity also turns them even more into circus tools. Through their shared losses they forge a bond stronger than ever. He appears to love Cersei more than his own goodness perhaps even more than life itself. In season seven Jaime’s loyalty to Cersei is all-consuming and unconditional as the first faults are irrelevant to him. Due to his addictive love of her yes until Queen city’s reign will be quiet and peaceful. Her stranger things with others like what at the same time his failure to argue back or bother contradicting. The many criticisms thrown at Cersei is a tacit admission that deep down he’s not blind. He sees her accurately you love her – ” you really do love you, she’ll be the end of you possibly not much to be gained” from discussing it with Olenna is that the  season seven.  Jamie gives her an aggressively pouty look I think to say with what children children are dead with the most of us didn’t Steve Hoffman. he chooses to keep recording her yet he’s aware of her growing madness a key prophecy in the book predicts that thirty will die at the hands of a little brother the most obvious suspect would be Tyrion who hates his sister but some fans believe Jamie may ultimately fulfill that prophecy possibly in an effort to save the world from Cersei. Which would be reminiscent of his murder of the Mad King. If there’s truth in this prophecy it sets up a dark climax to Jaime’s final choice between his two personalities.

At the end of the spoils of war Jamie sees a defenseless Daenerys right in front of him.  He willingly sacrifices himself for the chance to win the war for Cersei. It’s a classic move for the chivalrous Knight which is a trope Jamie mostly subvert but Tyrians brokenhearted words and brother Richard Express thought to Tyrion. Jaime unbreakable Lannister loyalty is slime stupidity embodied in the image of the knight charging into the mouth of a dragon. Jaime’s behavior here even reminds us of Jon Snow’s reckless yet lovable heroics in the Battle of the bastards the final moment of Jamie in the water is a callback to Bran falling from the tower in season 1. Most significant introduction to change and now we witness another stupid thing he does for love of Thor see given how much Jamie still has left to do. The shot in the spoils of war is most likely not the literal death of Jamie but a metaphorical one telling us he’s as good as dead eventually.  If foreshadow that the ultimate cause of his demise is the one predicted by Olenna the heavy burden of his loyalty to family and Cersei like the lion armor will weigh him down to a sad isolated end. Water can be a symbol of love or emotion when to drown signifies that Jaime’s addiction to Cersei will destroy him in one way or another still he’s got a lot left to do in this story.

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