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Character count: 5214 | Duration in seconds:326 | Characters per second: 15.99binge Watchers where we talk about the stories and characters you love in the show they leave it my name is Ron and let’s talk about season one of the Netflix original friends from college friends from college tells the story of a group of old friends who find themselves all living in New York City they’re all around 40 and they have a complicated romantic past with each other they’re all best friends but these are the type of friendships that are also weirdly competitive the type of friends that you like but you also kind of constantly complain about now that they’re all living in the same city again they’re trying to bring the friend group back together while also dealing with their own personal issues some of them are cheating on their partners they have trouble at work they have other relationship problems the show follows this group as they live through all of that stuff there’s a great cast in this show I was excited especially for keegan-michael key and Cobie Smulders it comes from the director of getting to the Greek and forgetting sarah marshall which are fun movies getting to the Greek especially can be really funny if you’re watching it with the right people and under the right circumstances so I was excited for a kind of clever grown up comedy something that makes it fun and stupid comedy with something clever and interesting which you see a lot of from stuff like key and Peele friends from college is not really that though it’s pretty quick watch eight episodes about thirty minutes each and when it’s being funny it’s pretty damn funny there’s a lot of comedy talent in this show but the show feels like it’s not sure if it wants to be a comedy that is sometimes also a drama or a dramas that is sometimes also a comedy I thought the show started out really strong the first half of it the characters are interesting the episodes are fun and when they do get more serious it fits into the story the theme here is that pretty much everybody in this group is terrible by the end of the show you learn that all of them are the worst this is really not the type of show where you can spoil anything by the way so these are broken people all terrible in their own special way which is fine but when the show tries to get more serious and venture into the territory of shows like master of none and love it doesn’t really work because none of these characters feel like real actual people I wasn’t a big fan of the show love but I still thought it was very good I just felt that it wasn’t for me it’s also a show about two broken terrible people and it’s also sometimes a comedy and sometimes a drama but it works because the characters in love feel real the things that they do make sense and the comedy in the show happens within the boundaries that makes sense for them so when a funny thing happens it feels like a funny thing that happened in real life in friends from college my wife and I were constantly saying people don’t behave like that I mean I’m sure that some people behave like that but you know what I mean none of these characters feel real enough for the dramatic side of this show to work so when the two last episodes are all drama it just didn’t work for us at all that’s not to say that characters have to feel real the characters in community don’t feel like real people either neither do the ones in the league or it’s always sunny all of these characters in these shows feel insane in one way or another and often that’s where the comedy comes from I don’t know maybe it’s because I’m not an American Harvard graduate in my 40 anyway I feel that if friends from college was more of a comedy it would have been really great because the funny parts are funny the more thoughtful deeper dramatic parts just didn’t work for me at all master of none is a show that deals with complicated relationships and is mostly dramatic and thoughtful but is also very very funny it’s just in a whole other leaf it feels that friends from college sort of tries to go in that direction as well but also wants to stay enough of a comedy to appeal to a wider audience makes it sort of fall flat on both sides bottom line should you watch it I’m sure it sounds like I hated it I didn’t hate this show there’s a lot of fun to be had with this show especially with the first half of it and it’s a super quick watch we watched it in one afternoon that day it came out it’s not a bad show it’s fine advice awful is more than it can chew so it doesn’t have the impact that it feels that they were going for how about you have you watched friends from college what were your thoughts about it and also what’s your favorite r-rated comic that’s all I got for you this time if you like this video please give it a thumbs up it really helps a lot and you can find me on Twitter and Instagram and TV time or you can join our discord server where we chat about TV makes a lot of fun you can find 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