Cersei Lannister

Cersei is a lesson by referring to a woman’s inner beauty.  Cerseie’s efforts against Margaery were probably pointless and only served for Cersei to screw herself over Cerseiis. Also probably wrong about the valonqar, the little brother who will kill her. It’s true that Tyrion threatened Cersei and thinks that he would like to strangle her. There’s a different possibility that could be way more dramatic and cool many believe that the little brother who will strangle Cersei is Jamie. Jamie is Cersei’s other younger brother, he came out of the womb right after Cersei.  They’ve been lovers almost all their lives but while Cersei grows ever more cruel and crazy.Cersei will do something else with wildfire something far more dramatic so seize interest in wildfire reminds Jaime of the Mad King Aerys. Aerys was a cruel and unpredictable ruler and towards the end of his reign with Robert’s rebellion about to assert him. Arry said caches of wildfire placed all over King’s Landing planning to burn down the whole city and everyone in it leaving only ashes for Robert to rule over. He would have got away with it too if it weren’t for Jaime who killed the Mad King and his pyromancers earning him the name Kingslayer but thing is a lot of Eris’s wildfire is still down there beneath King’s Landing. Maybe Cersei will use this wildfire to do what Ares attempt as years ago to destroy King’s Landing and everyone in it .This could go down when Daenerys Targaryen  attacks the city, Cersei will realize that she can’t beat the invaders but she won’t want to surrender as we saw at the Battle of the Blackwater Cersei would rather die than be captured by enemies.
Her back against the wall and had defeated hand all her fury and frustration will come to boil all the slights on her pride and power her exclusion due to her sex. The denial of her loves, her fear of a prophecy, her grief or her children all that pain will light a fire.

Cersei has never gotten the chance to fight so express it as iers with action. She’s always had to wait to play a role the dutiful daughter, the bride, the wife. She suffered Roberts drunken groping Jaime’s jealousy Renly’s mockery, She’s contended with Jon Arryn Ned Stark and Tyrion all the while promising herself that one day it would be her turn but her turn never comes. She never gets a firm grasp on power she never gets to openly love and all of her children die. So in the end maybe Cersei will finally express her wrath her rage from all these years in full the only way, she can she will set off heiresses wildfire to burn down King’s Landing to destroy everyone who’s ever divided her. It’ll be up to her twin Jaime to intervene just as he killed Aerys to save King’s Landing before he’ll be forced to kill his twin Cersei he will wrap his hands about her pale white throat and choke the life from her. One of Jaime’s hands is gold so he might strangle her with the hand of the king necklace the Tyrion used to kill Shaye. Cersei has the necklace in feast and Jaime has thought about strangling a woman with a necklace before.

Cersei stands on a part of Westeros called the neck while Jaime stands on a region called the fingers.  hints are all here for Jaime to strangle Cersei to death .Jaime will kill his lifelong lover? Cersei and Jaime came into the world together and both of them believe that they’ll die to get so as Jamie chokes his twin to death. The Wildfire will rise around them killing them both leaving only the ashes and burned-out throne room that we’ve seen in visions in her desperate greed for power and love. So she will destroy her  love and herself.  Olenna Tyrell wonders if Cersei is the worst person she’s ever met. Cersei does do a lot of terrible things while the wife of King Robert she has a secret incestuous relationship with her twin brother Jaime passing off their illegitimate kids as Roberts rightful heirs undermining the political system of Westeros and leading to war.  Cersei song Joffrey Cersei has the innocent direwolf lady executed and tries to get iya maimed or killed Cersei kills King Robert by getting him drunk during a hunt, then she ignores the Kings will to have Ned Stark serve as regent and instead has Ned imprisoned.  Cersei has Roberts baby bastard bearer murdered along with her mother Cersei has an innocent woman Aleya rose in the show brutally beaten in attempt to hurt Cersei’s brother Tyrion. She loves killing she also sends a bunch of women to Qyburn to beused in horrific experiments and brutally tortures an innocent bard. She tries to frame Margaery Tyrell and others for crime so they didn’t commit and makes a bunch of bad political decisions. She stops paying the Crown’s debts. She lets the faith militant on themselves leading to the rise of the high Sparrow after this fasten disaster Cersei’s crimes catch up with her. She is imprisoned by the faith and takes a wall of shame.  Searcy wreaks revenge she blows up the sparrows and Tyrells with wildfire and crowns herself queen of Westeros in her final form, as a sort of Maleficent Evil Queen. She hurts and kills innocent people destabilize of the country and contributes to war should we call her a villain a monster. If she just cruel and selfish and stupid a vile evil bitch in Marjorie’s words or could there be more to Cersei Lannister. Her thoughts and feelings her hopes and dreams her past and glimpses of her future. We can start to understand and maybe sympathize with this complex character we can even predict how Cersei might die her story basically comes down to three main themes power, love and prophecy.

She dreams of setting the Iron Throne high above them all so he wants to rule she lusts for power with every waking breath.  It’s a particular kind of power that she wants people like Stannis and Robb a Baratheon and Robb Stark have power, that you can see they wear crowns and swing swords and lead armies. Everyone knows that they are in charge in contrast people like Varys and Littlefinger and Elena have a more subtle kind of power. They don’t wear crowns or swing swords or lead armies instead they have secret spies and schemes. Their influence is invisible but very significant the Varys runs a conspiracy Littlefinger causes war and Elena kills King Joffrey and grows the power of without anyone even knowing it. These three are some of the most powerful people in Westeros but Cersei isn’t interested in this subtle kind of power.  Littlefinger tell Cersei that  – “knowledge is power “but then Cersei demonstrates in her words that  – “power is power “. She doesn’t want to influence events from the shadows. She wants people to know that she’s in charge, she wants to sit the throne and for great Lords and proud ladies to kneel before her these ideas about visible power and pride are at the core of Circe’s personality.  They seem to have mostly come from Sosa’s father Tywin Tywin was Circe’s only parent growing up after a mother Johanna died giving birth to Tyrion.  Tywin is obsessed with family legacy with Lannister power and pride. He says we must demonstrate the power of Casterly Rock for all the realm to see these ideas had a big impact on Cersei.  Tywin is killed by Tyrion. Cersei thinks of herself as Tywin’s heir, she wants to be seen as the inheritor of his legacy and she tries to act as he would thing is Tywin was brutal he was responsible for some of the worst atrocities in Westeros.

The extermination of the rains of cashmere the sack of King’s Landing claw gains raids in the Riverlands. The red wedding not to mention his cruel treatment of Tyrion and Teicher and others the lessons Tywin taught are barbaric stuff like never wound a foe when you can kill him and the only way to keep your people loyal is to make them fear you that people are tools to be used and that love is worthless Cersei follows Tywin’s cruel example.  In some of her darkest moments like when she torches an innocent bard or thinks about wiping out all the Iron born. She tells herself that these things are okay because it’s what Tywin would have done so a lot of Cersei’s brutality in a pursuit of power and pride comes from the lessons Tywin taught her but there’s a deeper conflict behind all this. She thinks of herself as Tywin’s only true son. As Lord Tywin with the tension here because Cersei Lannister is a woman. Westeros is a patriarchal medieval Society which means unless you’ve got dragons women usually aren’t allowed to hold direct power in their own right. Some women hold soft lagoons of power like a laner but Cersei isn’t allowed to be powerful in the direct visible way that Tywin is powerful she can’t sit the throne as hand of the King like Tywin. She can’t hold a war council like Tywin or lead an army like Tywin. When Tywin speaks men obey go and Cersei speaks people often contradict her or refuse her they push her aside because says he says she’s a woman and this deeply frustrates.

She is desperate to be the heir Tywin wanted but she lacks the cock says he constantly broods on the injustice of being excluded from power on account of her sex. She recounts our when she was a child Cersei and her twin Jaime looked so alike that no one could tell them apart. Cersei often wishes that she was born a man because if she was a man she could rule the realm in her own name and fight her enemies with a sword. But she says that gods in their blind malice had given her the feeble body of a woman says he does. She never really works out the kind of subtle power that makes women like a Leno so influential in fact Cersei hates Elena Cole sir a disgusting old crone and called Queen Margaery a whore and murder.  Brienne another powerful woman says he calls a huge ugly shambling creature dressed in man’s mail. She calls princess Elia Martell feeble with black eyes and a flat chest cause lady Lysa Arryn a cow and call scepters wrinkled cunts who are probably praying for a good raping so she not only fails to emulate other powerful women. She hates them and is cruelly critical of their female bodies so it is like a self-hating woman a female misogynist. She is desperate for power and pride like her father but she’s deeply frustrated by the limitations imposed on her as a woman. Cersei is also frustrated in her attempts to love her mother died when she was young and her father Tywin was often away in King’s Landing. She never had many friends there were bed maids and companions but few lasted very long so his closest relationship was with her brother Jaime. They’d play in Casterly Rock as children and from a young age they started to experiment sexually when a maid called the matter the twins were separated and chastised.  Cersei here was that her most intimate relationship was something seen as shameful and wrong something to hide for a while there was hope that Cersei might have a more socially acceptable relationship.

She marry Robert Baratheon,  this new husband but on their wedding night when they first had sex Robert drunkenly called Cersei “Leanna”.  Leanna stark was the sister of Ned and died giving birth to Jon Snow Robert loved Leanna and never could let go after she died.  Circe says Liana was a corpse and Circe was a living girl but Robert loved Liana more than her so she came to hate Robert. She hated his drinking and his infidelity and his irresponsibility.  Cersei secretly continued her relationship with Jaime she said that she and Jamie are more than brother and sister they are one person in two bodies. Their relationship is messed up in other ways too so she lies and manipulates Jaime and cheats on Jaime and apparently only loves him to the extent that. Jaime is therefore socil fights for Cersei and is the father of her three children. Cersei’s marriage to the king she can never openly be with the person who she loves her whole relationship history is a series of frustrations and denials. Robert in the same way that Cersei denied the power and pride she desires so she’s also denied love and these frustrations feed much of her cruelty throughout. There’s one more important theme to cover prophecy when Cersei was 10 years old on the same day she hoped to be betrothed to Prince, she and friends entered the tent of Maggy the Frog Maggie was a witch a fortune-teller so Cersei marched in and demanded to hear her future. Maggie granted three questions so Cersei asked when she’d marry Prince  and Maggie said never that Cersei would marry the king. Cersei asked if she’d be queen and Maggie said Cersei will be queen until there comes another younger and more beautiful to cast . Cersei down and take all that she holds dear sir she asked if she and the King would have children and Maggie said the king have 16 children and Cersei will have three gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds Maggie.  She thought maggy’s prophecy wouldn’t come true.  But Maggie accurately predicted Circe’s husband and children. The other parts of the prophecy will also come true the gold shrouds the younger more beautiful and the Vallon quoi the gold shroud suggests that Cersei’s children will die the younger more beautiful bid suggests that another woman will cast.  Cersei down as for the valonqar that will choke the life from her valonqar means little brother. So she believes that a younger brother Tyrion will try to kill her. Maggie’s prophecy threatens everything that Cersei cares about most her children, her power and her life. So she tries desperately to avert the prophecy she thinks Tyrion is the valonqar so she tries to have him killed. She believes Margaery is the younger more beautiful person so she tries to get her killed by framing her for adultery she does everything she possibly can to protect her children but it’s never enough Joffrey is murdered with poison and dies at his own wedding the daughter Marcella is sent to dawn by Tyrion and positioned. despite Cersei’s best efforts her children are taken from her one by one in golden shrouds like Maggie predicted despite all her power so she’s unable to protect the ones.

She declares that she’d kill all the common people in Westeros if that was what it took to keep Tommen safe. She’s a terrible ruler so she becomes everything that she hated about Robert she drinks too much and cheats on Jaime and makes dumb decisions. Her power and her children and her life Cersei’s choices get more extreme until she destroys herself politically ironically.  Circe’s fear of the prophecy the causes are downfall and prophecies are often like that influence the more you try to avoid them the more you make them true.  Cersei will be queen until there comes another younger and more beautiful to cast Cersei down and take all that she holds dear so he thinks that this is Marjorie who is younger and arguably more beautiful but Marjorie probably won’t be the one to cast Cersei down she’s dead in the show a more likely Queen to cast says  Daenerys now sailing to take Circe’s throne. Dany is younger and said to be more beautiful so she could perfectly fit maggy’s prophecy .

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