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Character count: 5955 | Duration in seconds:395 | Characters per second: 15.08welcome binge Watchers where we talk about the stories and characters we love in the show they live it my name is Ron and let’s talk about season 1 of the Netflix animated original Castlevania I’m so glad this is animated it works so incredibly well as animation and I think that if this was live-action it would have suck Castlevania is based on the game series and it mostly borrows from Castlevania 3 Dracula’s curse that is a thing that I read online I have never played the game myself I only ever played lords of shadow so I don’t have a long history with this franchise I was super excited for this one though video game movies tend to suck but an animated TV show now this has potential so Castlevania tells the story of how the land of woe Lakia came to be under siege by Dracula’s armed this whole thing is just four episodes about 25 minutes each so we didn’t get a lot of it but they had a lot of ground to cover in very little time having said that the entire first episode focuses on Dracula and the reasons for his actions and it’s glorious it’s really good they could have very easily just told us hey Dracula is the bad guy and that’s it and this guy Trevor Belmont is going to fight him and that’s our show but they took the time to flesh out why Dracula does what he does and it almost makes you sympathetic with him like I get that she just had a demon dismembered a baby but I also get why she’s so angry but you know maybe cool it with the baby mutilation track so I loved the fact that it’s not just clear-cut good and evil you see how things became what they are and you see the misinformed masses blame the wrong people for it not unlike the way it sometimes goes down in real life Trevor Belmont is the last son of the Belmont family the Belmonts have historically fought demons and monsters it was their job until people started blaming them for everything that’s happening and the church had its own ideas about how to fight this demon horde and everything went to shit basically I thought Trevor was a great character he believes in what his family name stands for but he’s become disillusioned with this whole fight demons save humanity thinks and humanity doesn’t really seem to want to be saved so he’s often a very reluctant hero he cares about doing the right thing but it takes him a while before he could actually care about the people he’s saving that’s a lot of character development for 25 minutes this show does a really great job with its characters the only issue I really had with it is that we needed more we need at least a couple more episodes to get to know them and yet even kick more ass just kick all of the asses the animation is awesome the show looks amazing and it is very much not for kids Castlevania is super graphic and there’s a lot of cursing but it never feels like they overdo it it never feels like the show shows you something horrible like baby mutilation for example or say fuck lots of times just because they want you to think they’re edgy or something this is a grim sad world and the show captures that beautifully the voice acting is also surprisingly great I don’t know why I was so surprised I mean I guess it was because I’m used to shows that look like this to be originally voice acted in Japanese and then they have versions in English that are dangerously half-assed doesn’t seem to be the case here as far as things ident like there isn’t much honestly mainly the fact that we only got four episodes this was great and I want more of it I mean there’s one episode where they spend a lot of time on one scene where Trevor’s talking to this group called the speakers and pretty much the whole episode is just them in a room talking but it’s actually important stuff for the story and for Trevor’s character I do hope we get to see more of Dracula as a character the first episode was by far my favorite I loved the whole thing but how they explained that Dracula this creature who is so ancient he just doesn’t care anymore he fell in love with this woman and Church killed her while she was just trying to help people but the church labeled her a witch and burned her at the state how this whole thing drives Dracula over the edge and the fact that he knows that this is not what she would have wanted but he just so filled with grief and anger and hate that she takes it out on all mankind the church feels more like the bad guy here and even at the face of all of this horror the bishop still fails to see why burning Dracula’s wife was wrong the emotional impact of all of this is just so well done here but you know still dismembering babies is a pretty decisively bad-guy thing so bottom line should you watch it absolutely if you’re into animated shows the whole medieval setting or if any of this sounds cool to you watch this with your face because you’re probably going to love it and wish there was more of it I’m so used to video game adaptation sucking I guess that’s why I was so surprised at how much fun this was and it’s just a couple of hours to watch the whole thing so yeah go do it what about you have you watched Castlevania what were your thoughts about it and were you a fan of the games but all of your thoughts and the comments down below and also let me know what other game would you like to see get this treatment I’d say Diablo Diablo all the way if you’re going to be talking about spoilers please use spoiler tags in your comments and if you like this video please give it a thumbs up it really helps out a lot you can find me on Twitter or Instagram or TV time or you can join our discord server where we chat about TV and it’s a really good time all the links in the description down below and if you’re finding binge Watchers for the first time welcome I’d like to invite you to join the binge rosters community come talk about the view with us it’s a lot of fun subscribe to the channel but in any case keep binging and I will see you [Music]

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