BROADCHURCH Season 1 Review (Spoiler Free!)

Character count: 5614 | Duration in seconds:364 | Characters per second: 15.42Wolters where we talk about the stories and characters we love in the show they live in my name is Ron and let’s talk about season one of broadchurch okay so I will admit that when I first watched this show a few weeks ago it was mainly because I wanted to see this past present and future Doctor Who reunion I mean it’s not really a reunion for all of them but time travel so you know David Tennant David Bradley Arthur Darvill Jodie Whittaker Chris Chibnall who’s the new showrunner Olivia Colman who I don’t know if she was actually in Doctor Who but she was my pick for the next doctor that was my initial reasoning for checking this out but obviously this is a very different type of show rob church is a murder mystery and it follows the investigation of the deaths of Daniel Latimer an 11 year old boy in a small town in Dorset Alec hardy is the new detective Inspector in charge of the investigation and the broadchurch police station a job that Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller thought she was supposed to get someone killed Danny and this season is about Harvey and Miller trying to find out who but it’s also about how Gannon family is dealing with the loss and to a certain extent how the whole town is dealing with it broadchurch feels like a very Intimus story there are some side stories here but all of them somehow connect back to this main arc about Danny’s murder that’s the context for everything a party for example is having some trouble in his personal life we see that through the lens of is he the right man for this job is he the one who should be investigating this this whole season is basically a game of Clue we have a bunch of people we assume one of them committed the murder and we need to figure out who where and how and the detective part of this show which is you know most of the show was done beautifully in my opinion I’m in there theorizing coming up with my own ideas about who did it and why you know everything that Miller and Hardy know so there isn’t some details they pull on like episode 7 that magic he helps them crack the case and you’re like well I did not have that piece of information like you have your own board with like photos and red strings tying them together David Tennant and Olivia Colman are both incredible Olivia Colman I loved her so much in the night manager and I loved her just the same in this she has to be one of my favorite TV performers working today she would have been a great doctor every single performance in this show is brilliant but Olivia Colman and David Bradley I am in love with them holy shit it’s breathtaking David Bradley is one of those actors where it’s like yeah he should just be in everything like Bryan Cranston just just put him in everything one of the best parts of this show is the relationship between Millar and Hardees they’re not friends Millar fields Hardy stole her job but she’s responsible enough and she accepts that he’s her boss now and Hardy is one of those people who doesn’t quite know how to be around other people he’s very good at his job but he doesn’t really pick up on social cues and nuances when it comes to his own personal interaction so there are plenty of likes little moments between Hardy and Miller that express that really well even if it’s something as small as you see him making a cup of tea and she asks them so you’re only making one for yourself send and you can see by the look on his face that he doesn’t really understand the problem this show is so good as telling you everything you need to know about the personality of a character through these real little moment and of course to quickly get it out of the way this show is beautiful the location is beautiful they shot it at West Bay and actual town in Dorset and it acts as such a great backdrop for the story and I kind of want to go to that Beach now this show had such an emotional impact on me it’s one of those shows that you watch and you actually feel a thing like you feel something that mirrors what someone is going through on the show you know it’s intense that’s one of the reasons I really like that it’s 40 five minutes per episode the show is already really intense and I wouldn’t say it’s slow but it is heavy so hour-long episodes would have really slowed down the whole saying and also it’s just eight episode by the finale and I’m not going to get into exactly why obviously but my heart was racing I was so into this show so bottom line should you watch it absolutely watch this show with your face this season is binge Watchers certified awesome and I consider it essential viewing it was so good I’m already disappointed because I heard season two is not as great but I’m going to watch it anyway season one of broadchurch has incredible performances fantastic writing it’s intense it’s beautiful it sucks you in and I loved every second of it what about you have you watched season 1 of broadchurch what were your thoughts about it and also let me know what’s your favorite one murder per season type of murder mystery show if you’re going to be talking about spoilers please use spoiler tags in your comments and if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up it really helped out a lot and you can find me on TV time and on Twitter and Instagram you can also join our discord server where we chat about TV and it’s a lot of fun and if you’re finding binge Watchers for the first time welcome I’d like to invite you to join the binge Watchers community come talk about the view with us it’s a lot of fun subscribe to the channel but in any case keep binging and I will see you next [Music]

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