Who Has the Biggest Army?Game of Thrones Season 7

The three main players were in place for an all-out war Danny’s army looked pretty massive. How many forces does John have? what about Cersei?  How do the numbers way out.  House Targaryen Quinn denier is the first Targaryen Dragons three drogon the Syrian and Reagan on solid eight thousand infantry sword and spear men Danny’s army was eight thousand strong. Before the marine takeover so the numbers are probably lower dr. Aki one hundred and forty thousand riders. Both the series Targaryen and Jorah Mormont’s state that Khal Drogo’s army was forged thousand strong in season one so there were seven cars at the temple of the – Colleen when Danny burned down, so conservative estimates place at least 20,000 riders in each of the PALS armies.

The reach house Tyrell 80,000 plus ships house Tyrell managed to assemble an armyof a hundred thousand for Renly Baratheon in season two. They should be able to do about the same for the mother of dragons a Lenna wants revenge.  It’s likely she’s all in Martin has stated that Highgarden also has the second or third greatest strength at sea. Dawn house Martell 20,000 plus ships the dawn forces. Despite rumors are about the size of the north and the Vale eac 20,000 men each iron fleet. Greyjoy rebels 3,000 men plus a hundred ships.Tyrion notes that there are more than 100 ships in the iron fleet so we can estimate 30 men on average on each ship total number of fighting men 250. 1000 total number of ships unknown there’s 100 from the iron fleet plus the Tyrell plus the Martell and the Masters fleet that was acquired at the end of series 6.

The north King in the north John Snow the white wolf lady of Winterfell Sansa Stark, direwolves one although keep an eye out for Nymeria now. Arya’s back House Stark and its banners 15,000 infantry and riders when the north aided Robb Stark the total count was 20,000. That number should be smaller thanks to the red wedding and the Battle of Winterfell conservatively we can say that Jon has 15,000 men under his direct command.  Right now Knights of the Vale house Aaron 20,000 riders and infantry but those are book numbers it is possible that the Vale forces are much larger on the show. It does appear that this is the case free folk wildlings 1500 infantry the wildlings also took heavy losses at Winterfell so 1500 might be generous total number of fighting men thirty six thousand five hundred.

House Lannister, Queen Cersei Lannister House Lannister 60,000 plus ships there alone now but they still have a pretty huge army behind the walls of King’s Landing. At the beginning of season two Tywin Lannister tells Jaime that is giving him 30,000 men or half their troops so they have 60,000 at that time. Since then the Lannisters have taken casualties at the hands of Robb Stark’sarmy they fought off Stannis a Blackwater and laid siege to Riverrun with the city watch of 6,000 men. They are probably back up to 60,000 maybe more total number of fighting men 60,000. The others or the White Walkers the night’s king total number of fighting men untold thousands.

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