American Gods: Opening Titles Theories and Breakdown!

American Gods is a show about deities who are rapidly losing their subscriber numbers to the personifications of the things people use to occupy their time. The intro sequence of the show takes mythology and religion mixes it with concepts of TV technology drugs war and society’s current inability .The detail that went into the look of this animation, the whole thing is surreal and slightly disturbing the first reveal shows egg. Drasil the tree known in Norse mythology as the tree. Odin hung on for nine nights while suffering from a spear wound a sacrifice of himself to himself. After the ordeal he gained runes of power the sound of thunder is paired with lights flashing on the trunk. This may denote the storm, that is brewing in the story an upcoming conflict between deities.  Fiber optic cable glowing in darkness the transition reveals. This to be the thick hair coming from an upside-down female head. Her mouth is open and she seems to be frozen in the scream. This is the disembodied head of Medusa with her hair of snakes replaced with fiber-optic cable. In Greek mythology, Medusa was a winged monster called a Gorgon looking at a Gorgons faced caused people to turn to stone. In the stories Perseus beheaded her and used her head as a weapon. Fiber optic cable sends information as light for fast internet and data transfer. Maybe the head of the internet cable denotes the information overload, that is present in culture today.

A statue of three women holding each other and looking up at a light source in keeping with Greek mythology these are nymphs. According to the director of the intro Patrick Claire, these are selfie nymphs. They all have cell phone cameras placed in the centre of their foreheads denoting their Cyclops view of the world selfie. We pan up to reveal a menorah with nine branches on a background of religious symbols the Christian cross. The Muslim star in Crescent the Taoists in and yang and the Jewish star of David’. At the end of each branch of the menorah is an electrical connector of some sort most of them are identifiable.
Din is an abbreviation for the German national standards organization a Jewish religious item being paired with German technology is subtle and may not have been the point of this but it would have been pretty brave. If that’s what they meant to do next we have what is obviously the Madonna, the mother of Jesus who conceived the human deity with the Christian God while she was still a virgin. Claire describes her veil as a piece of wearable technology where you’ve got silicon threads woven through the fabric itself. The mother of God being covered by technology might speak to society’s current linz for view and religion. The belief systems are still present but they’re viewed through a filter of technology. The light source which is her halo becomes the moon of the Islamic symbol.

All gods come from the same power source. The moon and crescent iconography of the Muslim religion made up of the halo of Jesus’s mother and an ecstasy pill. The director didn’t have an explanation for this one. More drugs in the form of pharmaceuticals surrounding,the Laughing Buddha Patrick Claire explains.  As Buddha turns up sampling some pharmaceuticals and seeming to be enjoying himself. A clash between eastern and western medicine because from the Buddhist perspective the mind is the creator of sickness and health. The presence of drugs denote that Buddha is using drugs to achieve his current happy and healthy state. There’s a lot to unpack in the next scene we start with a few angles of a jet turbine then cut to what Claire describes as reproductive technology in modern spinning. Around the base of the Hindu god Ganesh sitting on a lotus flower. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles the patron of Sciences and the God of intellect and wisdom. Physical obstacles were removed by the jet engine as humans can now travel globally in a short time. Reproductive obstacles were removed by the modern science of in vitro fertilization. The god of intellect and wisdom is using his hands to operate cell phones. Which may mean he is too preoccupied with Twitter to offer the help he has we follow up with a wide shot of the Egyptian pyramid. With what looks to be a normal sphinx something you’d find on royal tombs or religious temples but in its place is the sonne a bow. The popular robo-dog that became household pets in the late 90s. The imagery may symbolize the cross-section of religion and technology in modern society. Artificial intelligence has forced many to question whether such objects should be deemed alive, ever since Sony discontinued the product in the mid 2000s. Some Japanese owners have staged funerals for their beloved mechanical companions.

The neon cowboy symbolist  a sense of Americana a classic hero in bright Vegas style. Lights just like Vegas Vic only this cowboy has a prosthetic limb. The director describes it as similar to so many of our veterans who have faced tragic events in war zones. This symbolizes the broken American idealism of the gunslinger being marred by the violence. That is inherent to his iconography or again maybe it just looks cool accompanying. The cowboy is his trusty horse, only this horse is a scent or made up of a sex doll with a satellite necklace, who has the legs of big dog a robotic pack horse. Boston Dynamics is designing for military use I find it interesting that militaristic overtones of the cowboy carry through to this the military cargo carrier. Robot is holding their pornography and sex along with their satellite communications.  Patrick Claire explains as the Angel of Death who’s decked out in Special Forces gear. The angel of death or Azrael is referenced in Judaism Islam and some forms of older Christianity. He is seen as having many eyes which may explain. The backwards looking night-vision goggles and he’s firing his guns into the air yeehaw.

Ares the God of War with a chariot pulled by two customized American muscle cars holding a crossbow with a nuclear ICBM loaded into it.  One user on reddit described this as Lady Justice a personification of morality with Greek roots. However instead of a blind fold, the figure wears a VR helmet instead of scales. The figure holds chains tethered to two vintage cars and instead of a sword. The figure holds a crossbow loaded with a missile also unlike Lady Justice. The weapon is raised higher than the scales damn the first view of this scene is reminiscent of Egyptian hieroglyphics which may denote spacecraft these hieroglyphics have been the source of conspiracy theory for years. The shuttle is launching from a platform made up of computer parts next the Crucified astronaut the first shot showcases. The connection hole in space suits for the atmospheric on-bill achill this may be symbolic of the spears that pierced the site of Christ. As he hung on the cross Jesus came to earth and an astronaut as a man who leaves it. May be representative of the ongoing battle between science and religious beliefs in 2015.  Russian graffiti artist named Alexander zu Nev created a work depicting Yuri Gagarin’s the first man in space after completing the work. The artists faced prison time for insulting religious beliefs finally. The camera pulls back to reveal a Roman eagle standard, it’s a totem pole comprised of all the scenes from the intro.   These symbolizing that all of these things come together to create the belief systems of America on the back of the original Native Americans religious iconography.

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