American Gods: Who Are The Old Gods?

American Gods  based on the novel by Neil Gaiman. He wrote Stardust Coraline and the Sandman comic series so who are the gods in American Gods. American Gods tells the story of Shadowmoon a man. Who gets released from prison and finds himself in the middle of a battle between the old gods and the new gods, so who exactly are these old gods? Mr. Wednesday played by Ian McShane, Wednesday is a mysterious and charismatic con man with plans to unite the old gods to join him in the war against the new gods. He has the ability to travel backstage a place behind the world of men. Mr. Wednesday explains the war in the book gods die and when they truly die. They are unmourned and unremembered ideas are more difficult to kill than people, but they can be killed in the end. Secretly mr. Wednesday is Odin the Old Norse god of knowledge and wisdom making him onehell of a con artist. Odin is a widely revered God in Germanic mythology but most of what we know about him stems from Norse mythology. Odin is the head honcho the all-father of the Nordic gods. He’s also the father of Thor the God of Thunder in Norse mythology. Odin has 18 charms or powers some of them seem fairly insignificant like the ability to catch arrows and escaped bonds. Most of them are pretty useful. He can heal calm storms render enemy weapons useless provide magical protection for his allies and make people have a change of heart.  He can hook up with anyone he wants and can make them fall for him. An older English Odin is named Woden and Wednesday in English comes from Rodin’s day. Hence mr. Wednesday Chernabog is played by Peter Stormare he is suspicious of mr. Wednesday’s motives and is reluctant to help him.

Chernabog is one of the old gods the Slavik god of darkness. Whose name means black God. He is the counterpart to Bella bug the god of light and son. There has been much speculation about Chernabog but not much has been said definitively. Christian historical sources interpret him as a dark accursed God. It is said that Chernabog brings disaster and misfortune, wherever he goes and he does so without an agenda he simply enjoys being evil. This description fits with how he acts in the novel, as he killed cows with his hammer for a living after coming to America Bilquis is played by actress ET david aki. In the book she is the old goddess of love, who lives in the present as a prostitute, who devours men while having sex with them in the heat of passion she asks them to worship her and call her goddess pray to me like I know God Oh God once they do she becomes a literal maneater. Their entire body disappears and not into her mouth just right up in there. Bilquis is believed to be a jinn a half human, half demon. In history Bilquis is the queen of Sheba a biblical figure known for a legendary voyage to meet King Solomon and test his wisdom. There seems to be little connection between Bill Coast and American Gods and the Queen of Sheba. Except that they shared the same name the Queen of Sheba was a woman of great wealth, beauty and power who was a seeker of truth and wisdom.
Easter is played by a well-dressed Kristin Chenoweth. In the book Easter has the power to resurrect the dead and heal wounds with a kiss. In Germanic mythology Easter or estra is the goddess of rebirth spring dawn and birth are all within her. Domain rabbits eggs and a spring festival are all theorized to come from early celebrations in her honor. Mr. Nancy is portrayed by Orlando Jones Mr. Nancy is one of the old gods named Nancy, a trickster god originating from West Africa. He appears in two of Neil Gaiman’s books American Gods and a Nancy boys in the book shadow sees Mr. Nancy both as a man and a spider.

Mr. Nancy has the power of trickery and can travel backstage like Odin can. In his Ashanti story origins and Nancy was a trickster who stole the ability to have stories exist in the world from the sky. God all uh Nancy stories have a moral associated with them what will we learn from him in American Gods d’amore Barnes plays Mr. ibis or Thoth. The ancient Egyptian god of writing wisdom and magic. The Greeks declared him the inventor of many sciences in the book. Mr Ibis is a funeral director in the world of the living but in the world of the dead. He is a psychopath a being who travels freely from the world of the living to the world of the Dead.Anubis the Egyptian god of the afterlife, he will be played by Chris Obi in the book. He has the ability to transform into a dog restore himself by consuming pieces of the dead and judges people’s souls in death by placing their heart on a scale opposite of feather. If their heart is heavier than a feather their soul is eaten by Ahmet the eater of well souls.

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