5 Shows I Quit After 1 or 2 Episodes

Character count: 7635 | Duration in seconds:491 | Characters per second: 15.55Vin’s watch was very talked about the story in characters we loved in the shows a living my name is ron and let’s talk about a few shows i quit pretty much right after i started watching them before we get into the video i wanted to get your thoughts about something i’m thinking about making a few videos about Netflix original films and other movies that are exclusive to streaming services I want to keep this channel focused on TV shows but I thought it would be fun to also include films that you can only find on Netflix and its competitors I don’t really want to do reviews for big theatrical releases there are already so many great channels that do that so let me know what you think so we invest a lot of time in TV shows and the way I see it if the show is good and you enjoy it that time is not wasted and shows can be good in many different ways I would say that many shows are not even on the same scale and can’t really be compared that’s one of the reasons I don’t really use a rating system in the reviews but some shows you’re just like I don’t this is this is not working let’s just part ways I don’t think we should spend any more time together if you it’s not me so here are a few shows where this happened for me and this is not just about on these shows maybe a little bit because you know it’s that fun to do sometimes but this is mostly about getting your thoughts in the comments did you also quit on these shows do you think I should give them another chance maybe they didn’t even look interesting enough for you to start watching them in the first place okay first up is van Helsing I really like supernatural elements in shows and stories in general and I was looking for something that had a cool supernatural vibe to it and I found two shows that looked like they fit the bill one of them was van Helsing the other one unfortunately is also on this list so van Helsing has a cool concept that tells the story of Vanessa Helsing I think the daughter or some sort of descendant of Abraham Van Helsing the famous vampire hunter she wakes up from a coma and finds the world dominated by vamp fires but she has this special blood that makes her immune to vampirism and also she can turn vampires back to human so she’s really our only hope and she’s also a total ass-kicking badass I kind of want to watch this show again just by talking about how cool the premises but I watched the first episode and I was like I don’t know about this maybe the show is too ambitious with the concept and they don’t really have the budget to follow through and I also got the feeling that they really rely on overyou tropes and I don’t expect the writing and performance to be incredible but I remember thinking gosh this is rough so this next show was my next attempt at the same thing and it’s Winona Earth now it’s frustrating because both of these shows have pretty good reviews so maybe I should just you know push forward with them but I don’t really like this concept of oh it only gets good in season two because you know time is valuable we’re known herb I think suffered from the same issues as van Helsing I watched the the two first episodes of this one the premise here is also pretty cool Winona is the descendant of white herb and the people he killed are coming back as these revenants and she has to send them back to him but the way that characters make decisions the way that they react the stuff the way that they convince each other of things none of that made sense or felt like actual people talking I think it’s perfectly fine for a show to be crazier than real life especially a show with you know a cool supernatural premise that’s supposed to be entertaining and fun but I still think that characters really do need to make sense the next show I watched a single episode of and soft is the shannara chronicles’ it looked like a fun maybe a bit silly high fantasy adventure and it kind of is but it’s also it’s also kind of bad and I feel bad saying that if you’ve been watching binge Watchers for a while you know I don’t usually spend a lot of time talking about shows not being good or you know being bad a lot of hard work into making something like this but this was bad is what kind of like when I was in high school and my friends and I played D&D and we did it in English and let me remind you I am NOT American I’m Israeli so to us it felt like we were killing it then we were so cool but I’m sure that if you are watching us from the side you would cringe out of existence and that is the level of writing and performances in the shannara chronicles’ so I watched one episode and nope no maybe you’re noticing a theme here of shows with magical or supernatural stuff in them there are not quite the thing I’m looking for this next show is the magicians like the others I think this show suffers from a rushed plot they want to get to the next cool thing or they want someone to say a cool line so they don’t really spend any time making sure that the characters make sense or their actions make sense and I really had a hard time watching the main guy in this show I feel like that’s a missed cast character I read that the book series this is based on is pretty good and not a ripoff of a bunch of other stuff but that’s kind of what the show feels like it’s about a bunch of young people going to a magic school and there are good magicians and bad ones and lots of things that feel like they were just picked out from other franchises I watched the two first episodes while I was on a flight and I couldn’t watch further and that’s saying something because when you’re on a flight you pretty much already forfeited your time this last show is not a supernatural show maybe it kind of is considering how convenient everything that happens is and how everyone is supernaturally attractive it’s the supermodel boot camp Quantico now you might already be familiar with my aversion to shows with 22 episode seasons so a show has to be pretty special if I’m going to watch so many episodes in one season fringe is one such show person of interest is mostly another not sure about Quantico though so the episodes I did watch are present-day there was a terrorist attack they think it was this FBI agent she’s trying to prove it wasn’t her it might have been another FBI agent and it sparked American Pie FBI training boot camp and I just could not watch the boot camp part this is a well produced show it looks good it has an impressive cast of supermodels and it’s very intentionally over-the-top I know it’s supposed to be more entertaining than compelling it’s not trying to be homeland or anything but at some point the plot started feeling it’s convoluted just for the sake of being convoluted and that’s kind of where I checked out I’m not saying these are all bad shows Shannara I suspect is a bad show but the rest of them maybe I just had a bad first impression all of these shows except for the shannara chronicles’ have really good numbers on Rotten Tomatoes for example so I put the question to you do they deserve another chance what are some of the shows that you started and then just checked out and why did you stop watching them that’s all I got for you this time if you like this video please give a thumbs up it really helps a lot and you can find me on Twitter and Instagram and TV time and if you’re finding binge Watchers for the first time welcome I’d like to invite you to join the binge Watchers community come talk about the view with us it’s a lot of fun subscribe to the channel but in any case keep binging and I will see you in supermodel SBI booth [Music]

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